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SSL Endeavour Greece & Cyprus Officially Rebranded As OneGlobal Broking

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SSL Endeavour Greece & Cyprus Officially Rebranded As OneGlobal Broking

George A. Tsavliris

SSL Endeavour in Greece & Cyprus has now officially rebranded to OneGlobal Insurance Broking Ltd in full alignment with the Group’s businesses globally. The name OneGlobal mirrors the global reach of the business and the one – team mindset that they bring to their clients no matter their geographical location around the world.

“I am very proud to be making this announcement” said George Tsavliris, Non-Executive Chairman of OneGlobal Greece & Cyprus, who joined the Group in August 2019. “In the past year, I am pleased to advise that together with the OneGlobal Team, Manos Sofronis, CEO and Nicolaos Tzimas, Executive Director have taken very proactive steps and in doing so have gained the trust and confidence of the most significant players in the Greek & Cypriot shipping market. This has resulted in expanding our portfolio, despite the impact and challenges that the current global pandemic has presented”, Mr Tsavliris commented. Manos Sofronis, CEO, added that “despite market challenges, the team proudly boasts an extensive portfolio in excess of 750 vessels including high value LNG’s, VLCC’s and other tankers, containers and bulk carriers – out of which 350 ships are in exclusivity. On the Loss of Hire insurance sector alone, we support over 3Million tons.”

“OneGlobal is a company created with the fundamental basics of professionalism, ethos, loyalty, integrity and personal interest, since we have been involved in the shipping sector throughout our careers” said Mr Tsavliris. “Many of our competitors who had close links with the Greek market have been involved with mergers, acquisitions etc which has created large and what I would consider ‘impersonal’ companies. On this basis, knowing the Greek idiosyncrasy, I’m not sure that these vast corporates can satisfy the demands of the Greek shipping community. Personal contact and relationships have always been an intricate part of our business.“

OneGlobal Insurance Broking Ltd is a portfolio company of JC Flowers, and is the regulatory vehicle for European business of the OG group, was awarded the first Lloyd’s Marine Broker registration in Greece and Cyprus in October 2020. Manos Sofronis in a statement said, “ We are very proud to be in the unique position to be the first Lloyd’s Brokers in Greece & Cyprus. We share a relentless focus on doing what is best for our clients; now officially as OneGlobal, we are one global team with one common vision: to deliver excellent risk management solutions to our prestigious client base“.

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