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2020 Tsavliris Activities

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2020 Tsavliris Activities

Viewers can read here below the Tsavliris’ Salvage Activities for 2020; a great, interesting as well as adventurous account:


On 6 January 2020, the Bulk Carrier “AEOLOS” (GT 19,882 – DWT 31,640), laden with about 19,274 tonnes of steel products, immobilised due to loss of steering capability 23 miles north-east of Monemvasia, Peloponnese, Greece. During the incident the vessel was on passage from Nemrut Bay and Diliskelesi, Turkey, to San Nicolas and Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Tsavliris despached salvage tugs from their stations in Piraeus. The S/T “Vernicos Sifnos”, arrived at the casualty’s position and tow connection was established in severe weather conditions (9-10B). On 7 January, towage commenced towards Neapolis Bay for shelter. Later on the day, the salvage tug S/T “Ch. Gemitzoglou”, established tow connection and both tugs towed the vessel towards Neapolis Bay. A diving team arrived at Neapolis for inspections. On 9 January, the S/T “Alexander 5” replaced the tug “Ch. Gemitzoglou” (which had immobilised due to gas oil contamination with seawater).
On 10 January, the convoy was instructed to drift off Hydra Island for an underwater inspection and was reported that the ship’s rudder was missing.
On 12 January, the convoy resumed towage arriving safely at Piraeus on 13 January. On 14 January with the assistance of “Alexander 5”, “Christos XLII”, “Karapiperis New Generation” and “Ifestos 2”, the casualty was towed for mooring at Kynossoura, Piraeus under pilotage and escorted by “Vernicos Sifnos”. On the same day the salvage services were successfully completed.


On 27 February 2020, the Bulk Carrier “LILA TOKYO” (GT 43,537 – DWT 79,387), immobilised due to tail shafting system failure (intermediate shaft sheered / tail shaft bent) at North Pacific Ocean, approximately 800 nautical miles SW of Los Angeles. During the incident, the vessel was on passage from Huanghua, China to Balboa, Panama, in ballast condition
On 1 March, Tsavliris despached the Arctic class ocean salvage tug “NICOLE FOSS” (BHP 7,268 – BP 100) from Seattle, via Long Beach to take on provisions/stores for the casualty.
The ship’s master reported that the propeller shaft had sheered and water ingress at about 0.1 cbm/hour was visible in the engine room. The ship’s crew’s securing/fastening method was reviewed by Tsavliris’ salvage engineers and naval architects who provided instructions and sketches for additional securing/reinforcement. On 5 March, the tug arrived at Long Beach for provisions/stores and on 10 March, arrived at casualty’s position. On 11 March, all provisions were delivered, tow connection was established and towage commenced to Balboa, Panama.
On 30 March, the convoy arrived at the rendezvous position where a pilot boarded and the steering escort tug “CAPO VATICANO” (BHP 2,243 – BP 53) connected at the stern of the casualty. With the assistance of pilot and both tugs, the vessel anchored off Isla Taboga. On the same day, the 50-day salvage operation was successfully completed.


On 16 March 2020, the Bulk Carrier “LADY I” (GT 39,643 – DWT 75,356), loaded with about 44,000 tonnes maize, grounded at km 456,7 lower Parana River. During the incident, the vessel was on passage from San Lorenzo, Argentina to Kuwait via Necochea, Argentina.
On 17 March, Tsavliris despatched the T/B “BRUTUS” (BHP 5,400 – BP 72) The refloating operation was approved by the coast guard and when first refloating attempts failed, a second tug, the single screw T/B “TUMBADOR I” (BHP 3,380 – 40 BP) was engaged. Refloating attempts resumed and the “TUMBADOR I” was replaced by the more powerful T/B “COOPOR ESTIBADOR I” (BHP 5,000 – BP 58). On 20 March, the vessel was refloated and under pilot’s attendance proceeded (escorted by both tugs), to anchor at the nominated anchorage for inspections. The “COOPOR ESTIBADOR I” was released whilst the “BRUTUS” remained on standby alongside the vessel.
On 20 March 2020, the salvage services were successfully completed.


On 11 May 2020, the Chemical/Oil Tanker “C ROCK” (GT 3,960 – DWT 5,850), immobilised about 130 nautical miles SSE of Crete Island, Greece. During the incident the vessel was en route from Barcelona, Spain to Damietta, Egypt, in ballast condition.
Tsavliris were contracted to provide salvage assistance and on 12 May 2020, despatched the salvage tug “PANTOKRATOR” (BHP 4,052 – BP 53) from her station in Piraeus, arriving at the casualty’s position on 14 May, when towage to Piraeus commenced.
On 16 May, with the assistance of “PANTOKRATOR” and tug boat “PANTHER Z” (BHP 2,820 – BP 46), the vessel was safely med moored at Neos Molos Drapetsonas and the operation was successfully completed.


On 24 May 2020, the Chemical/Product Tanker “GHETTY BOTTIGLIERI” (GT 25,063 – DWT 40,166), loaded with about 34,000 tonnes of mixed aromatics for CPP, immobilised due to main engine failure, approx. 370 miles East of Socotra Island – Arabian Sea, in the wider piracy zone. During the incident the vessel was en route from Amsterdam, Netherlands to Nantong, China.
On 25 May, Tsavliris despached the Ocean Salvage Tug ‘’GLADIATOR’’ (BHP 8, 000 – BP 120) from Djibouti. On 31 May, armed guards boarded the tug from a floating armory vessel and upon arrival at the casualty’s position, tow connection was established and towage to Fujairah, UAE commenced.
On 11 June, the convoy arrived safely at destination under tow and the operation was successfully completed.

Bulk Carrier “MARAN OCEAN”

On 4 June 2020, the Bulk Carrier “MARAN OCEAN” (GT 61,677 – DWT 113,834), laden with 108,500 tonnes of iron ore, suffered a fire incident in the engine room, about 200 miles east of Djibouti, Gulf of Aden, in a high piracy area. The fire was extinguished by the ship’s own means. However she remained disabled.
Tsavliris despatched the AHTS “Hercules” (BHP 5,150 – BP 67) from Djibouti on 5 June, arriving at the casualty’s position on 6 June and towage to Oman commenced.
On 16 June, the convoy arrived at Duqm, Oman in unfavorable weather conditions. On 19 June, the vessel was delivered to three port tugs and a pilot, and was berthed safely at Duqm Port whereupon the operation was successfully completed.

Bulk Carrier “OURANIA LUCK”

On 4 July 2020, the Bulk Carrier “OURANIA LUCK” (GT 39,126 – DWT 75,961), laden with 44,834 tonnes of Argentine maize in bulk, while performing downriver navigation, grounded at 398,5 KM Parana River, Argentina, blocking the navigation channel. During the incident the vessel was on passage from San Lorenzo, Argentina to Oman and Kuwait via Necochea.
Tsavliris despatched a salvage master, also engaged agents, an oil spill response company and a sounding boat. Moreover, Tsavliris deployed two tugs, namely the ZP T/B ‟BRUTUS‟ (BHP 5,400 – BP 72) from Rosario and the ZP T/B “RANQUEL” (BHP 4,500 – BP 78) from San Lorenzo, and a dive boat with divers for underwater inspection.
After all necessary surveys/preparations, the salvage operation (pulling, pushing, scouring) was carried out and on 5 July the casualty was refloated. On 6 July, the vessel anchored safely at General Lagos Roads, the tug “RANQUEL” was released, while the tug ‟BRUTUS‟ provided standby services until the Coastguard finalised all inspections. On the same day, the operation was successfully completed. Subsequently the diving survey was carried out at Necochea.

Bulk Carrier ‘’DINO’’

On 6 July 2020, the Bulk Carrier ‘’DINO’’ (GT 21,192 – DWT 33,371), loaded with 27,500 tonnes of maize and soya beans meal, grounded at 410 KM, Rosario, Parana River, Argentina.
On 7 July, Tsavliris despatched the T/B ‘’BRUTUS’’ (BHP 5,400 – BP 72) from Rosario and a salvage master from Buenos Aires.
On the same day, the vessel was refloated, anchored at the nearby anchorage area with the assistance of the tug and the operation was successfully completed.


In July 2020, the Drilling Ship “DISCOVERER INDIA (GT 65,790 – DWT 63,583), arrived about 7 miles off Platygialy Port, Astakos, Greece, in order to go into layup. Due to her deep draft it was necessary to first offload her drilling equipment. The Deck Cargo Barge “AMT VENTURER” (GT 8,191 – NT 2,457) had been engaged to transport the equipment to the port for discharge ashore.
During the period of 17 July – 8 August about 15 trips from/to the Drilling Ship and the Port were made by the Barge under tow, transporting cargo and transferring personnel.
On 12 August, after completion of the cargo handling, the Drilling Ship was towed and berthed at Platygialy Port and the operation was successfully completed.
The entire operation was undertaken by Tsavliris’ Patras-based tugs T/B “PROTEAS” (BHP 3,200 – BP 45) and S/T “HERMES” (BHP 2,725 – BP 43).

Passenger/Cruise Ship “AEGEAN MAJESTY

On 16 September 2020, Tsavliris despatched their Patras-based S/T “HERMES” (BHP 2,725 – BP 43) to the assistance of the Passenger/Cruise Ship “AEGEAN MAJESTY” (GT 57,092 – DWT 6,604), while berthed at Katakolo Port, Peloponese, Greece, during the cyclone “Ianos”.
On 17 September, the “HERMES” arrived and secured the vessel by pushing her towards the dock in order to prevent her mooring lines from further parting (they had partied on five occasions) during force 11/12 B gale and torrential rain. On 20 September, the operation was successfully completed.

Passenger/Cruise Ship “AEGEAN MAJESTY”

On 7 November 2020, the Passenger/Cruise Ship “AEGEAN MAJESTY” (GT 57,092 – DWT 6,604) while berthed alongside at Corinth port, Peloponnese, Greece, broke away during gale force winds and stranded within the port shallows. During the incident, the port installations (bollards and quay) were partially demolished.
Tsavliris despatched their Patras based S/T “PROTEUS” (BHP 3,200 – BP 45) to the casualty and two salvage masters/engineers by road from Athens. Two further tugs were despatched from Piraeus, namely the “PANTANASSA” and “VERNICOS SIFNOS”.
After coordinated efforts the casualty was refloated on 9 November, safely anchored in the Corinth Roads and the operation was successfully completed without any structural or environmental damage.

Bulk Carrier “OCEAN CROSS”

On 17 November 2020, Messrs. Tsavliris arranged the refueling (60 tonnes diesel oil) of the laden Bulk Carrier “OCEAN CROSS” (GT 31,261- DWT 53,617) at sea by the S/T “Salvage Rover”, off SW Taiwan.

Bulk Carrier “ASIA GRAECA”

On 19 November 2020, the Bulk Carrier “ASIA GRAECA”(GT 39,041 – DWT 73,902), laden with 39,309 tonnes of soya beans, grounded at KM 453 Parana river, Argentina, during downriver navigation. The vessel was partially obstructing navigation.

Tsavliris despatched the T/B “RANQUEL” (BHP 4,436 – BP 77), the T/B “BRUTUS” (BHP 5,400 – BP 75), the bathymeter vessel “DN75” and salvage master. Following a bathymetry survey and scouring by T/B “BRUTUS”, both tugs connected forward of the vessel and the refloating operation commenced. After the successful refloating, the T/B “RANQUEL” was released while the T/B “BRUTUS” provided standby services up to San Lorenzo, where all services were successfully completed.

Crude Oil Tanker “MARQUESSA”

On 7 December 2020, the Crude Oil Aframax Tanker “MARQUESSA” (GT 58,446 – DWT 104,592), immobilised due to fire in the engine room, off Lanyu Island, Taiwan, in adverse weather conditions. During the incident the vessel was on a ballast voyage from China to Singapore. Part of the crew was evacuated by helicopters while the fire was extinguished by the ship’s own means.
Tsavliris despatched the AHT “POSH OSPREY” (BHP 16,300 – BP 200) arriving at the casualty’s position under adverse weather conditions (NW 8 B) and on 13 December towage commenced (NNW 9 B and wave height 3-4 meters). On 19 December, the convoy safely arrived OPL Manila and anchored with the assistance of three port tugs namely the “VIBORA, “TIBOU” and “ENERGY SKY”. On 21 December 2020, the operation was successfully completed.

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