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FEPORT Newsletter – February 2021

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FEPORT Newsletter – February 2021

Stronger and more agile together 

Until February 24th, 2021, many observers and experts in the maritime logistics chain were considering that standardization was lacking in the terminal industry. This perception might have changed thanks to the recent TIC 4.0 webinar co-organized with TOC Digital. The event was an interesting opportunity to know more about the objectives of TIC 4.0 and what has been achieved so far.

TIC 4.0 came to birth thanks to the determination of a group of professionals among whom Boris Wenzel, CEO of Terminal Link SAS and President of TIC 4.0. Three years ago, Boris Wenzel initiated a fruitful dialogue with RIP Ottonel Popesco, Chairman of PEMA (the Port Equipment Manufacturers Association), about the necessity to bring together terminal operators, port equipment manufacturers and software suppliers to define standards. Mr Wenzel firmly believed that standards would enable our sector to face the critical challenges of the 4th industrial Revolution and facilitate digital transformation, energy transition and the evolution towards automation.

The adoption of concepts like Internet of Things, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Robotics and Automation is transforming the industry and society and they have been adopted in strategic sectors such as automotive, heavy industries, energy, health, etc. However, the port industry is not yet taking full advantage from the digital transformation due to the low degree of implementation of such technologies and digital solutions.

The dialogue between FEPORT and PEMA members, which has materialized into the establishment of TIC 4.0, will allow operators and manufacturers to adopt a common language regarding port operations and avail a wide range of transversal benefits in terms of operational efficiency increase, safety and (cyber) security improvement, costs reduction and carbon footprint decrease.

TIC 4.0’s legitimacy towards EU institutions is already established thanks to iTerminals 4.0project, an EU funded project awarded in mid-2018 by the Connecting Europe Facility Programmethat will implement4th Industrial Revolution concepts in the Container Port Terminal Industry.

iTerminals 4.0 project comprises the study and pilot deployment in real operations of Industry 4.0 technologies within the container-handling sector. The coordination of iTerminals is done by the foundation of the Port of Valencia.

New IoT solutions and operational pilots will be developed and deployed in eight container terminals situated in eight Core ports of the Trans-European Transport Network: Antwerp, Dunkirk, Montoir, Rouen, Malta, Sines, Thessaloniki, and Genoa.

Moving into the 4th industrial revolution broadens the horizon of terminal operators who are expanding their scope activities into the hinterland. All efforts to streamline processes, standardize and have systems that exchange data with other parties of the logistics chain will improve cargo velocity and transparency within the maritime logistics chain.

Thanks to a group of professionals who believed in the added value of such an initiative, TIC 4.0 gathers more than 30 members representing all major players in the cargo handling sector.Efforts of TIC 4.0 members will soon materialize into a White Paper to be released in the course of March 2021.

Our thoughts are for our friend Ottonel who has been an ally, a supporter, and a man of vision. The cargo handling community and beyond will not forget him.

RIP Ottonel

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