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GLOBAL & REGIONAL DAILY (Thursday 4 March, 2021)

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GLOBAL & REGIONAL DAILY (Thursday 4 March, 2021)




March 4 2021

Global Markets

Sovereign bonds came under renewed severe pressure y-day amid prevailing expectations for increased inflationary pressures. Against this background, investors are expected to pay close attention to Fed Chair Jerome Powell who gives a speech on the economy today at a virtual event hosted by the Wall Street Journal (18:05 CET).


The Ministry of Finance will continue to provide economic support to those affected by the pandemic, but in a more targeted manner. At the same time, the EU’s intention to continue the suspension of the Stability and Growth Pact rules until at least 2023 allows for increased flexibility.


The doubling of Covid-19 cases since mid-February, which as of yesterday exceeded 4,000, along with increased hospitalisations, lead Serbia to an additional curfew, albeit for a shorter period of time than previously. On the other hand, the pandemic status in Bulgaria is better as active cases stand at more manageable levels.

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