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Participation of the Chios Maritime Club in an online seminar /webinar on the Blue Economy

The Chios Maritime Club in the context of its participation in the European Blue Schools Program
held last Wednesday the 10th of March a free online education webinar on the topic:
Blue Economy and its importance for Secondary schools. The webinar was co-organized with Idec (https://idec.gr
) through the GoToWebinar platform . The aim of the webinar was not only to inform about Blue Economy issues but also the perspective of entrepreneurship in coastal and island areas, which are affected – among others, by unemployment during the winter but also neglected as well as being subjected with environmental pollution.

During the seminar, the “Guide for Teachers” was presented, which the co-organisers jointly developed and which includes theory and information on the Blue Economy, tables / graphics with associations and organisations that support same, as well as class plans and ideas for Projects inside and outside the classroom, so that teachers can involve students in them and raise the awareness on Blue Economy issues. This guide will soon be available through the project website ( http://www.blue-schools.eu/ ) in Greek too.

At the same time, a reference was made by the project leader (Remi Bellia, Petra Patrimonia Corsica) to the European Competition that has just started with the vision to connect many coastal and island schools in order to gather innovative ideas and solutions related to the Blue Philosophy.

The first speaker, Mrs. Suzana Laskaridis, spoke about the educational activities of the Ekaterini Laskaridis Foundation but also about the Cyclical Economy through the company Blue Cycle. Mrs. Lamprini Grigori, Director of Astypalea’s High School, followed by presenting good practices of blue economy from the island and referred to an equally interesting dimension, that of the reduction of the local population. Mr. Engin Cengiz, from the Antalya Provincial Directorate of National Education in Turkey, took the podium and spoke about the Blue Schools online presence on the e-Twinning educational platform.

In general, the Blue Schools program in which the Chios Marine Club participates, aims to raise awareness of schools and students in order to build a sustainable future. It introduces the Blue Economy to school education to form a generation that will support environmental sensitivity, a generation that will be informed about marine business and business opportunities as well as contribute to the preservation of the marine ecosystem and its functions.

The President of the Chios Maritime Club, Capt. Antonis Pitsilos and the Board of Directors warmly thank all those who collaborated for the realization of the above webinar and especially the schools involved in Chios and Psara that participated:
•2nd Elementary School of Chios (Headmistress: Mrs Polina Tetteri)
•1st Primary School of Vrontados Chios (Headmaster: Mr George Pantelidis)
•Primary School of Panagia Erythiani, Vrontados Chios (Headmistress: Mrs Marianna Belanti)
•11th Elementary School of Chios (Headmaster: Mr Mark Skoufalos)
•8th Primary School of VOUNAKI (Headmaster: Mr. George Garris)
•Primary School of Kallimasia, Chios (Headmistress: Mrs. Stella Loukaki)
•Psara Primary School (Headmaster: Mr. Aris Vassilopoulos)
•Primary School of Agios Markos Homeroupolis Chios (Headmaster: Mr. Konstantinos Voulgaris)

We hope these webinars on these issues develop all over Europe and thereafter all over Planet Ocean. We need both shipowners and shipping executives as well as seafarers; a must to all intents and purposes.-

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