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Navis Launches New Program to Certify TOS Experts at Terminals

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Navis Launches New Program to Certify TOS Experts at Terminals

Certification program offers benchmark for terminal operators to validate skills for efficient operations

Oakland, CA — March X, 2021 — Navis, a part of Cargotec Corporation, and the provider of operational technologies and services that unlock greater performance and efficiency for the world’s leading organizations across the shipping supply chain, announced today the availability of the Navis Certification Program. This new series of certification exams verify fundamental knowledge of the N4 TOS and how to use it for Yard Planning, Vessel Planning and IT Administration, and was designed to produce Navis experts across terminal operations.

Employers around the world have found that professional certifications motivate individuals to engage and deepen their own commitment to their work. The Navis Certification Program offers a benchmark to measure knowledge across operations through online tests, available worldwide, 24/7. The exams measure learning objectives taught in the popular N4 fundamentals and role-based courses, and certifications validate whether operations staff have cleared a bar of knowledge necessary to perform competently and efficiently in their jobs and highlight where they can improve their skills.

“Companies who help their operational teams reach their professional goals reap the benefits of happier people who stay longer. We’ve also learned that overall, teams that meet industry benchmarks deliver higher and more consistent quality for their organizations,” said Andy Clason, Vice President Of Technical Services at Navis. “This is why we created the Navis Training program. We wanted to help customers reach their operational goals by ensuring their workforce was trained and certified on our services, and also empower them to troubleshoot issues and work at their full potential.”

Every person certified by Navis receives a digital badge through the third-party credentialing agency Credly, which they can display in their email signatures and via web and social media channels.

The newly developed Certifications includes:

●      Fundamentals of N4 & XPS

●      Yard Planner

●      Vessel Planner

●      IT Administrator (released Q2 2021)

For a more detailed description of the entire certification program, see Navis’ online certification brochure: https://courses.navis.com/view/320769/.

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