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George T Lemos

George T Lemos, CEO of Marblemen Productions Ltd., producer of ‘The Pulitzer at 100’ (2017) and ‘Amerika Square’ (2016)   is proud to announce a new collaboration with Felt Productions for the short film ‘UMBILICAL’ starring Themis Bazaka, Andreas Konstantinou and introducing Elpida Stathatou. Inspired by true events, this is a story about a Greek woman’s struggle to distance herself from her religious and superstitious upbringing and discovering that her greatest obstacle may lie within her core being.

This thought provoking film, Greek with English subtitles, running time 13 minutes, has been selected for official screening by the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival now in its 15th year. It will be screened as part of the Normality II series alongside films from Korea, Hungary, Iran and Cyprus. The festival runs from 3 – 23 May 2021. The producers are privileged and proud that their film has been included in this important festival.

A day in the life of a young woman struggling to detach herself from her dogmatic upbringing. On the surface she appears independent but her life in Athens is deceptively fragile. When her unstable mother and the manipulative religious fanatic who controls her, put the young woman under pressure with an absurd demand and qualified threats, she finds that internalised doubts are hard to shake and she is trapped. What will it take for her to break free?


The focus is not on escaping physical persecution, but the psychological persecution that can come from verbal abuse and internalising harmful beliefs as a child. This is about the psychic damage that abuse can cause and the way it can be passed down through generations. This sort of abuse is all too often silent so it’s a story worth sharing.

The film depicts a subtle tragedy within families that is concealed behind closed doors. It may not be visible at first but it creates deep scars. In this film, the abuse occurs through the false veil of religion and care and it happens on several levels. 

The mother is the victim of an abuser that uses religion and superstition to brainwash and extort the family. This creates a domino effect so the mother –daughter relationship becomes abusive and suffocating for the daughter who tries to escape her own demons.

This short film is currently touring the film festivals. We will update you when it becomes available to view on TV or on any screening platforms.

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