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Emerging Markets Weekly

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Emerging Markets Weekly

Aggeliki Koutoulia

Aggeliki Koutoulia, Director at Banque J. Safra Sarasin (Luxembourg) SA, send us this excellent report by Andreea Prodea – Emerging Market Credit Analyst and her team.

EM tightening cycle continues

EM corporate credit performance turned positive last week, driven by better sentimentover China Huarong, while sovereign credit performance was marginally negative, with mixed returns across regions. Investors remained cautious over EM and net weekly inflows into EM fixed income funds were modest, despite a drop in UST yields and a weaker USD. On the macroeconomic front, rising inflationary pressure in Russia led the
central bank to further hike its policy rate to 5%.

Viewers can log here below and read the full report:

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