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The intersection of size, influence and responsibility

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The intersection of size, influence and responsibility

Size matters- with it comes with influence and also responsibility.  With 100 companies dominating ocean industries that power could be abused—or used to improve how we take care of our resources while maximizing efficiency, and revenues

There have been incredible swings in corporate behavior in the past few years.  One that resonated with me two years ago was the assembly of 181 multinational corporations, called the Business Roundtable, who signed a Statement of Purpose about the mission of corporations to serve ALL stakeholders, from customers and employees to the environment and communities.  There is a shift to look at business holistically for both risks and rewards, impacts and benefits. 

Many years ago I was debating negotiating styles with a fellow CEO.  My position was that a good negotiation was one where both parties walked away happy with the deal—my colleague argued that there can only be one winner, otherwise you were leaving money on the table. I’m a proponent of doing business better, more efficiently, and with an eye for elevating all participants.

As we approach these next months of negotiations about the future of our industry, and the planet, let’s look for ways in which ALL stakeholders benefit, let’s minimize unintended consequences, and let’s set our sights on what benefits ALL- now and into the future.

Keep optimizing!



Carleen Lyden Walker
Chief Evolution Officer
IMO Maritime Ambassador

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