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GLOBAL & REGIONAL DAILY (Friday 14 May, 2021)

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GLOBAL & REGIONAL DAILY (Friday 14 May, 2021)



May  14 2021

Global Markets

The majority of global equity markets showed signs of recovery earlier today, favored by y-day’s positive US jobless claims data and several Fed officials who tried to reassure investors that they continue to view the rise in inflation as “temporary”. Meanwhile, the DXY index continues to struggle close to the 90 support level, ahead of today’s US April retail sales.


According to ELSTAT, the total building activity (private-public) in Feb-21 decreased by 3.2%YoY, while year-to-Feb it increased by 1.4%. As of today, another batch of pandemic-related restrictions is lifted with the reopening of tourism and other activities.


The National Bank of Serbia kept the key policy rate unchanged at 1% and confirmed the return of the economy to pre-crisis levels earlier than initially anticipated.

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