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European Maritime Day: Belgian Shipping launches #boldlyBEyond campaign

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European Maritime Day: Belgian Shipping launches #boldlyBEyond campaign

On the occasion of the European Maritime Day on 20 May, the Royal Belgian Shipowners’ Association launches a new campaign#boldlyBEyond – to showcase its achievements and ambitions.

It is crystal clear that Europe will lead the rest of the world in sustainable blue economy and global maritime affairs, thanks to our vision of being the world’s first carbon-neutral continent by 2050,” says Wilfried Lemmens, Managing Director of the Royal Belgian Shipowners’ Association.”By investing heavily in innovation and human capital, Belgian shipowners fully stand behind the goals of the EU’s Green Deal and Digital Strategy to go boldly beyond current technological limits so as to transform the maritime industry into a fully carbon-neutral and digitally-transformed sector,” he continued. “This campaign tells you where we are now and where we are going.”

The #boldlyBEyond campaign focusses on five key areas: people, planet, innovation, growth and trade. Each of these areas represents a core competence of Belgian shipping and where the industry is rapidly reaching for its next milestone.
The launch is accompanied by a video that features the words of the people who make up the sector, from seafarers to board members, each explaining why they love Belgian shipping and their aspirations going boldly beyond.

Click here to watch our campaign video.

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