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PM Mitsotakis, do please save Anargyrios here and now!

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PM Mitsotakis, do please save Anargyrios here and now!

By John Faraclas

I will start once again, as in a similar past situation, with Edmund Burke’s cliché: “for the evil to flourish, all that is needed is for good people to do nothing.”

Repeatedly I have warned in writing as well as with live videos of many wrong doings surrounding this unique temple of Education, Hellenism and Planet Ocean’s, the Anargyrios and Korgialenios College of Spetses Foundation.

The entire Executive Committee’s actions and deeds are leading the AKSS Foundation to its catastrophe, so some clever dicks looming in the background can take possession. The Executive Committee’s members are in total disarray and if they have the slightest dignity, MUST resign – a couple of good though members will be, unfortunately, spared…

Watching and monitoring very closely the events enfolding since our 50th Graduation Anniversary last year – 5th of June 2020, I can assure you that somebody is calling a fast one against the Minister of Education endangering her – in person as well as institutionally,  and your Government, our Government of Nea Demokratia  dear Prime Minister.

I was prompted by the letter, which our AKSS Alumni SAAS send you, and same, following its publication earlier this morning, in now making waves, hence this note.

We urge you to order here and now a thorough judicial / criminal investigation as things will go off hand and the intentions of the current president of the AKSS Executive Committee are dubious. He has been involved, as per the letter addressed to your good self, by our Alumni  president where he clearly stipulates that he is / has been “negotiating” with a totally out of context and existence offshore companies in the most “childish” way, on purpose so the Foundation, its Furniture, Fixtures and Fittings are sold at a piecemeal… Needless to say, dozens of irregularities we have witnessed and misrepresentations, even in his today’s Press Release, commenting on Ms Niki Kerameos’ weekend visit at the premises of AKSS… How come our Alumni President Evangelos Hobitis wasn’t there? Why wasn’t the Mayor of Spetses Mr. Lirakis there? They both support and care about Anargyrios and the entire Foundation as well as the Island of Spetses!!!

A well-known and world acclaimed Greek has been proposed to take over the Presidency of our College’s Executive Committee, Mr. Odysseas Kyriacopoulos, former head of the UGI (Union of Greek Industrialists) and whom you know, who is also an AKSS Alumni – Class of 1970 and has accepted this position. Ms Kerameos was advised to appoint Mr. Kyriakopoulos since 2019… Can anyone compare Mr. Odysseas Kyriakopoulos with the current president?

There are excellent projections for the future of this establishment, despite Covid. One though cannot accept the current president and his arrogance as he looks only for his own coffers in any field you can imagine. His accomplices as we hear are many; his mandarins and cronies too… He completely overrides everybody and uses even the general director of AKSS offices as he wishes; the poor woman has to succumb!

Anargyros’ dilapidated Mansion, another architectural jewel of the Belle Époque, within the town of Spetses, is about to fall; what has he done to save it?

Moreover, let’s don’t forget that Poseidonion Grand Hotel, simply Posidonion for us and the locals, is under the guarantee of the Anargyrios Foundation; an objection..?

We, the thousand plus Alumni all over Planet Ocean we will do whatever it takes to save our College and defend / safeguard Anargyros’ and Korgialenios’ legacy; we adhere to do so! Hands off Anargyrios! Our parents have spent an arm and a leg to educate us there, and as you know very well, we have conquered the unconquered in all fields of life not just in Greece, but Worldwide: from Academia to Politics, from Music to Science, from the Military to Sports, you name it!

Look forward to your reply as well as to your decisive and determined action to save Anargyrios. Thank you.

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Anna Kaparaki May 25, 2021 - 10:02 AM

This is a noble goal for a noble cause that we all should support.

Apostolos Akrivos May 25, 2021 - 9:15 PM

It is a very sad state of affairs
In our country you can get away with almost Anything !!!!.


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