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New Fellows and Senior Associates are celebrated by the Association of Average Adjusters

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New Fellows and Senior Associates are celebrated by the Association of Average Adjusters

London, Friday 4th June 2021: The Association of Average Adjusters has congratulated two new Fellows and three new Senior Associates who have qualified through the Association’s most recent examinations. The Association is in addition celebrating the achievements of 13 exam candidates who have qualified as Associates. The exams are known throughout the marine market for exacting the highest professional knowledge and analytical capability among marine claims professionals.

The new Fellows are Ryoko Shimura and James Willan.

Ryoko Shimura

Ms Shimura is a Tokyo-based average adjuster with Charles Taylor (Japan). She joined the firm in 2015 and qualified as a Senior Associate of the Association in 2019. Ms Shimura has a university degree in comparative literature.

James Willan

Mr Willan joined the Liverpool office of Richards Hogg Lindley (RHL) in August 2013. He qualified as an Associate of the Association in 2014, becoming a Senior Associate in 2020. Educated at Newcastle-upon-Tyne University, Mr Willan is a BSc in economics and information systems (Joint Hons).

Julia Roumanou of Independent Average Adjusters of Athens; Christian Freuling of RHL, Piraeus, and Phillip McCabe of RHL, Liverpool, have become Senior Associates.

Julia Roumanou

Ms Roumanou joined Independent in early 2007 after working in the Greek state audit office. She qualified as an Associate Member of the Association in 2015 and is a graduate of the National University of Athens with a degree in economics.

Liverpool-based Mr McCabe joined RHL in August 2013. He was seconded to the firm’s Singapore office during 2016.  He has a BA degree in geography.

Christian Freuling

Christian Freuling joined RHL’s London office in July 2018 and transferred to the firm’s office in Greece in July 2020 to support the local adjusting practice. Mr Freuling graduated from Plymouth University as BSc (Hons) Maritime Business and Maritime Law in 2016 and with a Graduate Diploma in Law from BPP law school in 2017.

Association chairman Michiel Starmans

Association chairman Michiel Starmans highlighted in his annual report for 2021 the vital importance of the exams in helping uphold high professional standards in the insurance market. He paid tribute to Fellows David Pannell and Keith Martin for their continuing work in organising the examinations for future Associates, Senior Associates and Fellows; and thanked all members who helped prepare questions and mark the modules. Because of Covid restrictions, candidates sat two of the main modules via an online platform in April 2021. The other modules and the practical paper were taken through written testing in the usual way at exam centres worldwide.

The Association examinations are open to adjusters, lawyers, brokers, and insurers worldwide. The exams are normally held in January, March, and October each year.

The Associateship modules cover: Module A1:  The Marine Insurance Act 1906, The Insurance Act 2015 and related principles of insurance; Module A2:  hull and cargo claims; Module A3:  upstream and offshore energy claims.

Fellowship modules are: Module F1:  General Average, salvage, and Carriage of Goods by Sea; Module F2:  hull & machinery, loss of hire, war risks, and cargo; Module F3:  collisions, recoveries, freight; Module F4:  practical adjustment paper.

An Associate must pass Module A1 and either A2 or A3. An Associate can become a Senior Associate upon passing Module F1 plus either F2 or F3.  It is a requirement for candidates taking Fellowship modules to have passed their Associateship.

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