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US and EU need one another, G7 finds new purpose as G20 takes back seat, and more

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US and EU need one another, G7 finds new purpose as G20 takes back seat, and more


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7-11 June 2021, Vol.12 Ed.23

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US and EU need one another: While scathing about its regulatory hypocrisy, Gordon Sondland, who represented the US at the European Union from 2018-20, stressed the importance of working with the EU in the context of common threats when he spoke to OMFIF last month. Discussing squabbles over standards and collaboration against China, he suggested there is more that unites than divides the US and EU. A united approach would represent a formidable force in global affairs, writes John Orchard.

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G7 finds new purpose as G20 takes back seat: 
Over 11-13 June, G7 leaders are meeting in Cornwall, UK. This gathering highlights renewed G7 vigour and clout. The G7 has found new purpose, even if its members have their own internal differences. Meanwhile, one hears little about the G20, writes Mark Sobel. Read more.

Future of sovereign debt management: 
This high-level, half-day event discussed the future of sovereign debt and promoted idea sharing and best practice in the industry. Discussions covered the immediate challenges of the Covid-19 recovery, how we can promote a return to normality and the future development of the markets. Watch.

Future of money market funds: 
This OMFIF policy paper provides a thorough review of what happened in the money markets in March 2020 and whether current ideas mooted by national and international regulators would have the desired effects. There is a disconnect between how policy-makers view money market funds and what the funds themselves believe to be the issues at play in the markets. Download the report.

Hawks, doves and green swans: Central bankers have long been divided between inflation-worried hawks or employment-leaning doves. More recently the ‘green swan’ has entered the conversation. Last week, the Green Swan conference brought together leading central bankers. Topics included the role of central banks in addressing climate change and biodiversity, writes Danae Kyriakopoulou. Read more.

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