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Education For Life

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Education For Life

At Hellenic American College, you’ll receive an American university education, that will yield returns throughout your professional and personal life. Your studies will equip you not only with the knowledge and skills of your field but also with the critical thinking, problem-solving, communication and research skills that will help you stand out from other degree holders. You’ll become an agile, life-long learner, who can adapt to new challenges in a rapidly changing world. 

Undergraduate Programs
B.A. in English Language and Literature
B.S. in Business Administration
B.S. in Engineering with a major in Electrical Engineering
B.S. in Informatics
B.S. in Psychology
Bachelor of Music
Degree Programs in cooperation with  
Graduate Programs
M.A. in Applied Linguistics – TESOL
M.A. in Conference Interpreting
M.A. in Translation
M.S. in Informatics
M.S. in Psychology
M.S. in Sales Management
Master of Business Administration
Ph.D. in Language & Communication
Check our corporate video to discover why you should consider Hellenic American College for studies  Alumni/ae in the spotlight
 Margarita Kyritsi

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Hellenic American College and I have gained a lot, academically and personally. The BA in English Language & Literature program is welcoming and encourages students to achieve their full potential. I found the lectures stimulating and up-to-date, and the classroom environment highly conducive to learning. The instructors are friendly, supportive, and always available to listen to your concerns and help you. Generally, the HAEC community has great vibes and aims at aiding its students in the best way possible.” Margarita Kyritsi, BAELL ‘20George Ziakas

“The Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics (MAAL) TESOL program has helped me redefine myself as a researcher. Now that I’ve finished the program, I feel I have the knowledge and tools to contribute to the field. I am grateful that I had the chance to be a MAAL TESOL graduate student and work with such experienced professors.”  Georgios Ziakas, MAAL ’21  Courses start on September 20, 2021 Learn more
Hellenic American College

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