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VesselsValue – Half year review: S&P and values

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VesselsValue – Half year review: S&P and values

Half Year Review: S&P and Values2021 to date has been one of the best years in recent memory for sale and purchase, with a rise in asset values experienced across most sectors.A combination of pent up demand following the easing of global Covid-19 restrictions and low asset values at the beginning of the year has led to a dramatic increase in both the number of transactions seen and asset values across the board.It is not just the secondhand market that has flourished, but also scrap values and newbuilding values that have also experienced strong improvements and show no signs of slowing down…Read the full review here.

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About VesselsValue
VesselsValue is a leading online valuation and data provider for the Shipping, Offshore, Passenger and Superyacht industries. VesselsValue’s mission is to bring transparency and objectivity to the Maritime markets through a wide range of services. Data and market insights are available through online access, reports, API feeds and exports and includes everything from automated values, transactions and vessel information, mapping and tracking to cargo miles and global trade flows and much more.Visit www.vesselsvalue.com for more information

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