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Containers for Uncrewed Vehicles

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Containers for Uncrewed Vehicles

Transport Solutions for UUV, UGV, and UAV

Something we’ve noticed in recent years is a focus shift towards autonomous and unmanned vehicles. We see this reflected in trade journals, at trade shows and conferences, and with our own direct market engagement.

The use cases for autonomous and uncrewed are innumerable, and thanks to the space saved by omitting a cabin and the other infrastructure required by human beings, uncrewed vehicles tend to be a little smaller – in many cases small enough even to fit multiple vehicles in (you guessed it!) a container. That’s where we come in, of course.

We’ve thought a lot about container solutions to maximize transport feasibility for unmanned and autonomous vehicles – saving time, costing less, with maximum safety for the vehicular cargo and those involved with its transport.
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CakeBoxx containers with the innovative two-piece ‘deck and lid’ design, offer a range of money-saving advantages, including:
Improved efficiency – Quick and easy loading and unloading
Greater transport flexibility – Ship break bulk and project cargoes on faster and cheaper container ships
Increased cargo security – Eliminates vulnerable doors, hinges, hasps and locking bars
Enhanced safety – minimizes employee, cargo and container risk exposure.

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