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VesselsValue launches Aviation

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VesselsValue launches Aviation

Richard Rivlin

VesselsValue brings disruption and transparency to a highly opaque market with their daily updated aircraft values and transaction information. 

Leading online valuation and data provider, VessesValue, are excited to announce their launch into the Aviation market with an automated daily valuation platform, an industry first, as well as an extensive fleet search and transactions database across all widebody and narrowbody aircraft.

The company who already have deep roots and over a decade of experience in the Maritime industry, have gone live with daily updated and historical values for Aviation. Surprisingly, unlike Shipping, transactions are hardly ever reported in the Aviation space and when they are, the prices are rarely disclosed… until now. 

The platform contains around 37,000 aircraft including orderbook, coupled with detailed fleet data and an intuitive search database of all prices, sale and purchase transactions and orderbook in an effort to bring true transparency to this comparatively opaque market.

Commenting on the launch, Richard Rivlin, Founder and CEO of VesselsValue Ltd believes: 

“The platform will allow anyone with exposure to aircraft to better track and understand values, transactions and other market changes. This will in turn help them manage and reduce risk, make better informed decisions, support their negotiations, speed up their financial reporting, conduct detailed analysis, and most importantly, know the daily updated current or historical value of any aircraft, fleet or portfolio whenever they need”.


Each night at 8pm GMT, the valuation algorithms are automatically recalibrated with the latest transaction and market sentiment data, resulting in VesselsValue being able to produce live and objective aircraft, fleet and portfolio values instantly. 

Adrian Economakis

Adrian Economakis, Chief Strategy Officer advocates that: 

“A big advantage was our ability to leverage the advanced algorithms, data processing techniques, technologies and experience gained in the maritime space which we have continually built on and optimised over the last ten years. Our aviation teams will continue to learn from maritime and vice versa, ultimately allowing better valuations and market intelligence for both industries.”

“VesselsValue’s new offering not only brings much needed algorithm driven, daily updated values for each individual aircraft in the global fleet, but also provides clear and transparent supporting data such as transactions with prices, time series, and accuracy statistics that are currently lacking in the market…”

What makes VV different?
Daily updated values
Run at 8pm GMT 365 days a year

Aircraft specific values
Find by MSN, Reg, Owner, Operator and more

Cutting edge algorithms
Proprietary multi regression system from >10 years of development and optimisation, market sentiment models and more

Back tested accuracy
Values the day before transaction vs derived unencumbered price achieved

Historical value time series data & charts
Daily frequency with exports

Objective automated values
Not influenced by relationships or bias

Transparent transaction data
Comparable transactions with reported and derived prices shown in relation to each value, contributors to value charts, aircraft details and more

100% Confidential
No human interaction at valuation

What does the platform look like?

The above is just a small snapshot of what the platform offers with considerably more information on aircraft, transactions, company fleets, buying, selling, backlog and leasing histories available, as well as portfolios, alerts, export capabilities, fleet database, transactions database and many other functionalities.Please email press@vesselsvalue.com or call us on +44 (0)203 026 5555 if you would like a demo, any data or expert analysis. 

About VesselsValue

VesselsValue Ltd. (VV) is a leading online valuation and market intelligence provider for the Aviation and Maritime industries. VV went live in 2011 and has 2,500 users and works with over 500 global companies including major banks, leasing companies, shipowners, investment funds, hedge funds, lawyers, advisors and government regulators. The company has eight offices globally including London, Singapore, Shanghai and Hong Kong (opened this year) and over 190 employees. 

VesselsValue’s mission is to bring transparency and objectivity to the Aviation and Maritime markets through a wide range of services. Data and market insights are available through online access, reports, API feeds and exports, including automated values, transactions and fleet data, as well as AIS and ADS-B derived mapping & tracking, demand, utilisation and trade and people flows.

Visit www.vesselsvalue.com for more information.

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