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Squeeze ’em till the pips squeak

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Squeeze ’em till the pips squeak

Note from Caroline:

‘Squeeze ’em till the pips squeak’

Rishi Sunak last week gave his autumn budget statement which introduced higher state spending on top of the highest hike in taxation seen since the 1950’s.

The Chancellor had made ‘historic tax increases’ this year, upping then by £40 billion, with the pledge to plough billions more into the NHS to tackle social care crisis and boost spending for other Whitehall departments

Chris Grayling former cabinet minister said ‘..we cannot plan a future as Conservatives, as a big state, high tax party. We are a small state, free enterprise party!’ – my thoughts precisely

I also agree with David Davis…’the area where I disagree with the government’s strategy is on the level of income tax, national insurance contributions and taxation generally, which in my view is likely to raise significantly less money than the Treasury spreadsheets tells them’

‘The simple truth is that the increases in [National Insurance Contributions] will undoubtedly depress growth and employment as a result, which will depress the tax take’

And the hint at lowering the taxes before the next election only makes matters worse. Let me explain…


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