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The Secrets of colours

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The Secrets of colours

Colours that sail

The academic professor of medicine and visual artist Costas Spyropoulos, representative of pop art, is active in recent decades in Greece and abroad with several individual and collective exhibitions. His works have traveled around the world from Italy and Austria to the USA, Belgium, Canada and Azerbaijan. He was included in the 2016 edition of Rembrandt as one of the most important representatives of international contemporary art, which coincided with the 410th anniversary of the birth of Rembrandt (1606–2016). Spyropoulos was selected by the Academy of Fine Arts of Italy to be included in this publication.

Art Historian Dr. Maray Georgousi – the curator of the exhibition – emphasizes about the work of Konstantinos Spyropoulos:

“Konstantinos (Costas) Spyropoulos, an artist with a rich work, a constant presence abroad in many international Biennale, with awards and participations in Art Fairs, presents to the Greek public his work in this solo exhibition at the Chili Art Gallery. Consistent in the expression choices he uses, he composes the magic of the image that magnetizes us.

Landscapes as well as human figures coexist in parallel with time and space in original combinations. The viewer easily communicates via an invisible union with the artist’s point of view, because he uses emotionally charged symbols placed next to recognizable objects of pop art culture to create his narratives.

Coloured screen

The horizons, the objects, the human figures compose strong social comments in a suggestive but intensely direct way, while the order in which everything has been arranged in his compositions is nothing but accidental. Vivid colors, an ally of Spyropoulos, serves the narrative process of this original artist while its use forms the pure levels of shapes.

The tranquility of his landscapes is followed by the suspicion of the deterioration of either the soul or the matter, the passions, the intransigence of the need that nullifies any contract, the persistence of the lack of gravity and balance in the canvas space. Searching in these terms could only signal the shifting of the artist’s own boundaries in the first place.

Coloured meditation

His touches are firm, sure, mostly clear, turning the allusive into earthly and familiar. The pleasant, obvious, and sarcastic element in his works takes us out of the supposed safety zone, creating vibrations, which feed the ideological, conceptual and symbolic visions – a legacy of knowledge and memory of the refracted world.

Multicoloured Victory

Artist Konstantinos Spyropoulos, a man with sharpness of mind, natural kindness, is sensitized to the modern becoming with philosophical quests. In his works, he uses color as a toy and the externalization of an innocent child. In this way, he communicates with his public and raises his concerns in a direct and honest way without taking a clear position, leaving the recipient the freedom to think effortlessly and decide. The motley elements of his compositions emerge from the emotion constantly fed by his various stimuli.

Red chair surrounded by colours


“Under the arbor I spent endless hours in reverie trying to articulate my identity with hidden syllables.

And I knew how to read and how to write and a voice told me, well done, you will learn a lot if you go deeper into the insignificant.

My limbs are naked in the sun, before a deep blue sea. A child was playing, the sea was the ocean of events as Homer defined it created for the accuracy of the unknown. The rainbow is the source of colors.

Desolation all around me, I want to give it my own meaning.

I unfold colorful pictures, the plenitude of colors evoke many, countless emotions.

That’s life.

The unknown together with the emotions stand in front of my eyes and open a window for me. I am seeking for the truth. I see the reaction of relativity. E = m • c2. There is no certainty. I can be anywhere. Luck decides. The photons in front of me have different emission frequencies. I see a lot of colors, many frequencies, because I have vision. Without sockets I see nothing. The world exists, because the cortex of my brain can read its myth.

Yellow chair and Aphrodite

The myth of the world, the small and the big one. Adam and Eve are white like milk. Lots of girls and airplanes on top. My hearing, the hearing of distant winds. The shutter open, wavy daughters on the beach, beautiful daughters in the amphitheater. I am in love with all of them.

A colourful drama

So let me be the one created for the daughters of the rain with the colourful umbrellas and for the colourful daughters in front of the blue summer sea.

The figures are waiting for the ship, the trip to Zephyrus promising much, promising nothing. Emotions are colored. Yellow, red, green, blue and light blue. My throat tightens. Inside me phosphorus, iron, potassium, calcium and sodium old remnants of memory watch people alone on the cross with wide violet leaves.

Red in blue and white

A white chapel surrounded by yellow light.

Many hold flags and wave at the kites of the children of innocence.

A multicolourful balloon facing a drama

Zephyr stands alone and I enjoy the kisses of the past.

The Fate of the innocent, of those who seek the abyss, the truth, this is my destiny.

Parallel stories of colours

Colors are the cohesive essence of things”.
Costas Spyropoulos

Aphrodite’s colours


“THE SECRETS OF COLORS” Art exhibition
Costas Spyropoulos
4th December 2021 15:00-19:00
4-30 December

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