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Marasco’s Risk Prevention Platform

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Marasco’s Risk Prevention Platform

l to r: John Marinos, Ioanna Vitta, Sapfo Daveli Maraslis, Anastasios Maraslis, Alexandros Petrakakos, Harry Petrakakos and Mary Pothitos – at the front.

The MM Risk Prevention Platform was set up in 18th October 2019, on the initiative of Marasco Marine’s founder and President, Mr. Anastasios Maraslis. This unique, special purpose and interest committee, which consists the Marasco Marine Ltd advisor’s board, has now grown its team further. On the 19th November 2021, Mr John Marinos, a highly experienced, qualified and well recognized shipping professional, who has worked for ABS for 36 consecutive years – out of which he spent 19 years as ABS ‘principal surveyor’ – joined the team.

Mr Marinos was welcomed by the committee members during one of their usual dinner evenings, at the Yacht Club of Greece. The committee is made up of specialized, experienced and reputable professionals and executives of successful companies in the marine industry, who share the same passion for shipping, stand out for their ethos, the high level of know-how they have and the need to offer and add value in whatever they undertake to accomplish.

In partnership with Mr. Oliver Petrakakos and Alexander Petrakakos of P&P Marine Consultants Inc., Mrs. Mary Pothitou of Paralegal Maritime Services, and Mrs Ioanna Vitta of Pennington Manches Cooper, and now with Mr John Marinos, Marasco Marine Ltd offers a platform to its clients in the areas of Risk Prevention, Risk Management, with numerous services covering essential key issues in these areas of interest.

Among the important activities of the committee is the study and reporting of improvements to the status of the ship before the Risk Transfer to the Insurers, thus significantly affecting the risk cost ratio, which determines the amount of insurance premiums, resulting in a more favourable pricing for the shipping company.

In the event of an accident, the committee, in conjunction with insurers’ experts, identifies the proximate cause of the accident that is critical to compensation. The Committee also provides stakeholders with ongoing information and updates on developments and changes in industry, geopolitics and the global economy that affect the operation of shipowners and ship managers. This is planned through seminars and / or webinars organized by Marasco Marine Ltd and special articles that is published on www.marasco-marine.com.

Marasco Marine Ltd initiative makes it a valuable ally for any small to medium-sized shipping management company worldwide.

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