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DNV’s Maritime Academy Course – Contract and Spec negotiations for Newbuildings and major conversions / retrofittings – Live Virtual Classroom

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DNV’s Maritime Academy Course – Contract and Spec negotiations for Newbuildings and major conversions / retrofittings – Live Virtual Classroom

Dr Marina Papaioannou, Maritime Academy Hellas

DNV’s Maritime Academy Hellas is offering on 1 and 2 February 2022, a live virtual classroom course on contract and specifications negotiations for newbuildings and major conversion retrofittings.

Course Objectives

This course shall assist the technical staff of shipping companies during forthcoming negotiations with the shipyards and their Brokers, Agents, Trading houses, affecting projects for: newbuildings, or conversions, or retrofittings, or major repairs/drydockings.

The target is to improve their performance when dealing with the technical clauses of future contract agreements and specifications, as well as for the processing of other contract technical documents (mainly when dealing in parallel with yard’s lawyers and company’s legal department).

Furthermore specialized guidance and recommendations shall be given of “how to cope” the sales and engineering departments of yards and how to deal with them effectively.

Focus points:

This course uses presentations, case studies, actual examples and specialized exercises to illustrate the following topics:

•          Different types of contracts and comparison of their standard text / clauses.

•          Vessels ordered through contract agreements, or procured as “resales” (by signing MOA).

•          Description of “builders” and “buyers” related responsibilities and tasks, including provision of “Refund Guarantee” Letters.

•          Descriptions of the technical clauses / chapters of various contracts, which need careful review and commenting by the Owners technical staff.

•          Guidance and texts for detailed specifications and their contained chapters & paragraphs.

•          Review of outline spec. and vessel’s design, prior to any signing of “Letter of Intent” (LOI). Check of vessel’s advantages & disadvantages to assist the prompt decision making by Owners.

•          Methods and techniques for technical negotiations and for ensuring different design and outfitting improvements.

•          How to avoid the yard technical extras and possible increases of vessels’ prices, when dealing with the (Owners’ desired) technical improvements.

•          Descriptions and applications of “good engineering standards” and “good marine practices”: techniques and methods for their incorporation in the contract specification.

•          Definition of different applicable quality standards throughout various activities for the design, construction, outfitting, tests, trials and in accordance to the vessels’ type and size.

•          Definition of regulations to be applied on the delivery date of each newbuilding and not simply on the contract signing date: How to cover the time difference of some years (as to be elapsed).

•          Specific negotiations for the prompt issue of the “Makers List” and to compose proper procedures for the Makers’ selection (as per Owners’ preferences).

•          Procedures for review and checking the remaining contract documents / attachments and how to incorporate improvements therein: General Arrangement, Capacity plan, Midship Section, Accommodation plans, Engine Room arrangement. 

Who should attend:   Technical and Newbuildings Managers of shipping companies, plus Fleet and Operations Managers, Site team Managers and Superintendents with (direct, or indirect) responsibilities for yard negotiations for major projects.

Same course can also assist lawyers and staff of legal departments (of shipping companies), who shall participate in such negotiations, but actually they need technical knowledge and experiences to deal successfully with yards. 


 Venue, date:  Live Virtual Classroom, 1 and 2 February 2022  (10:00 – 16:00)           

Trainer:          Mr Dimos Iliopoulos,   Naval Architect and Marine Engineer, DNV’s Maritime Academy Trainer.

Fees:              Euros 800,00 plus VAT                         

Registration Deadline: 25 January 2022 

You can book it through our NEW TRAINING PORTAL here.

Should you require additional information or clarifications please do not hesitate to contact us.  

We look forward to welcoming you. 

Best regards,

Marina Papaioannou PhD

Principal Academy Advisor

Maritime Academy Hellas

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