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Looking beyond the war, Russia’s economy may be much smaller than reported, and more

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THE DAILY UPDATE Tuesday 29 March 2022

Looking beyond the war
By Anthony Robinson
Once the truth about President Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine and the reasons for Russia’s economic and financial isolation spreads beyond the inner circle and Russia’s social media bubble, the Putin regime will struggle to retain its totalitarian control. Putin and his fellow conspirators should face trial for war crimes. The Russian people will also have to acknowledge and apologise for an unprovoked, aggressive war waged in their name.
Russia’s economy may be much smaller than reported
By Miroslav SingerConventional wisdom says that a significant portion of Russia’s economy, with a GDP of $1.65tn, is unaccounted for, because of the large size of the shadow economy. However, official Russian GDP instead may be severely overestimated. 
Economic impact of financial sanctions against Russia
Danny Glaser, global head of jurisdictional services at K2 Integrity, and Christopher Smart, chief global strategist and head of the Barings Institute, join OMFIF’s US Chair Mark Sobel. They discuss the efficacy, context and economic consequences of Russian sanctions across the globe. 
Balanced, inclusive and green: rebalancing China’s economy
Wednesday 30 MarchHelge Berger, China mission chief at the International Monetary Fund, joins OMFIF’s Mark Sobel to discuss the world’s second largest economy and rebalancing towards a more consumption-based model. 

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