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DNV’s Maritime Academy BIOFOULING MANAGEMENT & IN-WATER CLEANING – Live Virtual Classroom

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Dr. Marina Papaioannou

DNV’s Maritime Academy Hellas is offering on 4 and 5 May 2022, a course on Biofouling Management and In-water cleaning. The course explains the concept of biosecurity and highlights the threat from invasive aquatic species spread by shipping, the commonalities and differences to Ballast Water Management and to antifouling management for energy efficiency.

This is the starting point to look at IMO’s guidelines, which are reflected in regional mandatory requirements, for example, in Australia, New Zealand and California. Key elements of the guidelines and their background are discussed. 

The mechanisms of various antifouling options are explained, as they imply different cleaning options. If not understood properly, mismatching of cleaning options may result in either penalties for inacceptable fouling or premature depletion of coatings. The focus here is on raising awareness about the different options and understanding the pros and cons of each, as well as empowering the individuals to delve deeper into topics of high personal interest that are touched on during the course.

Delivered in a brain-friendly, easy-to-understand style, participants will quickly come to terms with commonly used jargon in this field and be equipped to make better choices regarding coating and cleaning options for their vessels.

Course Objective

The course introduces the topic of biofouling management to prevent the spread of invasive aquatic species, as recommended by the IMO 2011 Biofouling Management guidelines (MEPC.207(62)) and required regionally. After the course participants will be equipped to make better choices regarding antifouling products and hull management (inspection and cleaning) options.

Emphasis will be given on:

  • The threat from invasive aquatic species
  • IMO Guidelines on Biofouling Management & Cleaning
  • Antifouling options
  • In-water cleaning

This comprehensive training course has been designed as a blended learning course for online delivery until further notice. It consists of a combination of live online lectures and Q&A sessions, interspersed with self-study online modules and quizzes to introduce more variety and flexibility. The course is accompanied by digital resources for regulations, best industry practice and developments.

Course:                    BIOFOULING MANAGEMENT & In-water cleaning (online training) – Live Virtual Classroom

Venue, Date:            Live Distance Learning (link to be provided), 4-5 May 2022 (10:00-14:00 each day) / Language: English

Trainer:                         Dr. Ing. habil. Volker Bertram – DNV GL Senior Principal Specialist on Ship Energy Efficiency

Fees:                        € 530,00 plus VAT

End of registration:  28 April 2022

You can book it through our NEW TRAINING PORTAL here.

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