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Gloomy outlook for the IMF Spring meetings, Public debt is a casualty of war, and more

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Gloomy outlook for the IMF Spring meetings

By Mark Sobel

The International Monetary Fund/World Bank Spring meetings, beginning in Washington on 18 April, will be a gloomy affair. Finance ministers and central bank governors meet against the backdrop of Russia’s heinous war in Ukraine, the global economic effects of shrunken growth, higher inflation from oil and commodity prices and renewed supply disruptions, and worsening debt distress in many emerging markets and low-income countries.

 Public debt is a casualty of war for the West
By Mojmír HamplA major casualty of any war is public finance. This is particularly the case for western countries, whose average public debt-to-gross domestic product ratio had already reached levels comparable with the end of the second world war during the Covid-19 crisis. 
 ‘There is no ‘one size fits all’ for custodial models
By Xavier van den Brande and Marvin Vervaart
Asset owners are asking which custodial model is best. A lack of data had prevented them from reaching a conclusion. Through a review of the top asset owners BNY Mellon engages with, it is clear that no one size fits all. 
Quantum computing and the threat to standard cryptography
The advent of quantum computing poses an existential threat to present cryptographic techniques. William Gee, partner, PWC, and Andrew Cheung, president and CEO, 01 Communique Lab, join Lewis McLellan, editor, DMI, to discuss the new type of computing.  

CBDC and digitalised capital markets
OMFIF’s Philip Middleton, DMI chair, sits down with Denis Beau, deputy governor at Banque de France, to discuss whether CBDCs are a necessary component of a digitalised capital markets infrastructure. 
 Forging the path to international standards in sustainable finance
OMFIF has joined forces with Luxembourg for Finance to consider what is required for the standardisation of sustainable finance. Taking insight from interviews with experts across the financial sector and real economy, this report explores the latest developments in taxonomy regulation and reporting frameworks.

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