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Shell Marine’s proprietary formulation for category II 40bn cylinder oil receives full ‘no objection letter’

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Shell Marine is proud to announce that it has received a full No Objection Letter (NOL) from MAN Energy Solutions (MAN ES) for Shell Alexia 40 XC, its Category II (CAT II) 40BN cylinder oil, confirming the successful completion of the full approval process.

Alexia 40 XC uses a proprietary and unique formulation, developed by Shell Marine’s in-house Research & Development team, a testament to the organization’s technological strength and lubricant expertise as it responds to changes in the shipping sector.  

The NOL was received following the conclusion of the Main NOL Service Test and Confirmation Test for Alexia 40XC.  The successful approval of this formulation is the result of close collaboration with MAN ES to develop an approved CAT II lubricant for engines operating with <0.5% Sulphur fuels (ranging from Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil to Liquefied Natural Gas) and rigorous testing with the latest engine designs (Mark 9 and higher).

Dr Luis Garcia, Technology Manager for Marine and Engine Lubricants, Shell Marine, said: “With the industry focused on reducing emissions, engine technology is continuously evolving to deliver higher efficiencies when operating with very low to zero sulphur fuels. Latest engine designs operate with challenging conditions in terms of pressure and temperature, demanding for higher performing lubrication, particularly in terms of engine cleanliness, making the development of a CAT II 40BN cylinder oil essential.”

“This has been a key project for Shell Marine, as we are committed to supporting the industry’s smooth adoption of more efficient engines and cleaner fuels, and having a comprehensive portfolio of cylinder lubricants to meet the needs of both older and newer engines. Upon receiving the service letter[1] issued by MAN ES, we embarked on developing an in-house solution that would provide a similar level of cleanliness and performance as 100 BN products. We are delighted to have received the NOL from MAN ES for Alexia 40XC.”

The new product is expected to be progressively made available at major ports worldwide from Q3 2022.

[1] Service letter SL2020-694, May 2020

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