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Singapore Maritime Foundation launches “Own Your Future” creative campaign to draw talent and update industry brand

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Fronted by five real-life maritime professionals, the digital campaign features a fresh take on maritime jobs to educate and excite Singaporeans about careers in maritime

Singapore, 9 May 2022 —Singapore Maritime Foundation (SMF) today announced the launch of a brand-new talent attraction and industry branding campaign, “Own Your Future”. An immersive digital campaign, “Own Your Future” showcases an industry that is purposeful, exciting, and one that is on the cusp of transformation catalysed by technology and sustainability.

The campaign refreshes the industry’s talent attraction and branding efforts by raising awareness of the myriad of purposeful and exciting careers in the maritime sector. Inspired by real-life maritime professionals, the campaign seeks to attract fresh graduates and mid-careerists of all backgrounds to the sector, which is an integral pillar of the global logistics and supply chain, and an enabler of world trade.

“Singapore is a maritime nation. Our maritime heritage dates back 700 years, and today we compete at the top of the league. However, not many Singaporeans are aware of the purposeful and diverse careers in the sector. Much of the activities — automation at the port, harnessing data analytics on board ships, or embracing more sustainable business practices — are ‘invisible’ to the public. Yet, without talent, there can be no transformation,” said Ms. Tan Beng Tee, Executive Director, Singapore Maritime Foundation.

“Through this campaign and with the support of the maritime industry, SMF seeks to elevate the sector’s standing as a source of meaningful and diverse careers, where Singaporeans can make an impact in the world, through frontier domains such as technology, sustainability, and decarbonisation,” continued Ms. Tan.

“Own Your Future” is fronted by five real-life professionals in the maritime sector — data scientist, crew executive, ship financier, asset management executive and shipping lawyer. Using creative techniques such as cel-shading art commonly seen in popular culture, the campaign transforms these real-life professionals from different parts of the maritime ecosystem into action characters.

Central to the campaign is the “Own Your Future” Career Purpose Quiz — a fun, interactive quiz that users can take to learn more about the different jobs in the sector.  The quiz also matches users to roles they could potentially consider, based on responses to questions that delve into personality traits, talents, and career purpose. Apart from the quiz, Own Your Future also engages Singaporeans through storytelling across rich media platforms such as videos and comics.

For more information, visit www.ownyourfuture.sg or visit the social media platforms of SMF and Maritime Singapore Connect (MSC).

For more information on talents featured in the Own Your Future campaign, please refer to Annex* 


*Annex A – Profiles of Own Your Future Talents

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Ahmad Noorfahmy from Helmsman LLC

Ensuring that justice is served to the letter of maritime law

As a young Maritime Law Associate (Maritime Lawyer) at Helmsman LLC, Ahmad Noorfahmy (Fahmy) works in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment where battles are common and every minute can make a difference. Fahmy works closely with his clients every day, advising them on the best course of action for situations ranging from disputes (such as those related to charter hire or demurrage), to ship collisions and even ship arrests.  

He also plays a role in ensuring standard compliance, in addition to mediating disputes arising from casualties, accidents, and arrests.

Fahmy’s decision to practise maritime law was inspired by his father, a former ship captain. Besides his keen personal interest, Fahmy’s decision to ply his trade in the sector was grounded in practicality as well. Singapore’s deep roots in the sector meant an abundance of opportunities and demand for work in the sector. Being a fast-evolving sector where things can happen at any moment, maritime law also keeps Fahmy on his toes in a way that both interests and excites him.

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Cheng Zheng Yang from Torvald Klaveness

Shaping a more sustainable future through the power of data

Zheng Yang is a Maritime Data Scientist at Torvald Klaveness. He plays an active role in helping businesses achieve their decarbonisation goals by tapping into the power of data and statistics. His degree in Economics and Data Analytics has equipped him with the necessary skills to estimate greenhouse gas emissions amongst other forms of analyses based on satellite data. He is currently working on a dynamic dashboard that can provide a detailed breakdown of the carbon efficiency of trade routes.

The role was uncharted territory for Zheng Yang, since it didn’t exist five years ago. Undeterred by the newness of it all, Zheng Yang felt compelled to venture into the sector – attracted by the sector’s tangible impact on daily lives. The sense of purpose keeps Zheng Yang motivated, as he plays an active role towards solving decarbonisation problems in the shipping industry. 

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Peggy Zhao from Kuok (Singapore) Limited

Coming up tops at high stakes shipping

Peggy Zhao is a Maritime Asset Management Executive with Kuok (Singapore) Limited. She expands and maintains ship fleets – working closely with management to determine when to acquire & divest ships.  With over six years of experience, Peggy closely monitors the shipping markets, freight markets and global current events, spotting the opportune moment to purchase ships low and sell them high.

Growing up overseas, Peggy had never come across oceans and coastlines — until she saw ships berthing along Singapore’s coastline as her flight landed in Singapore. The beauty of that scene moved her and piqued her interest to find out more about the sector. One research led to another – and by the end of it all, Peggy was so intrigued that she decided to get into Maritime Studies at university. The rest, as they say, is history. Today, Peggy’s role continues to interest her as it keeps her on her toes. Each ship she purchases is a long-term investment worth millions — and she relies on data analysis, piecing together information to make the right call, at the right time.

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Juliah Mamat from Pacific International Lines

Helping crews sail smooth

As a Crew Personnel Executive with Pacific International Lines, Juliah Mamat is responsible for all matters relating to seafarers’ deployment. She manages a global chessboard of crew transport requirements, with her close-knit team she works tirelessly to look out for her crews, ensuring they have what they need to sail and return safely. She keeps an eye on everything from port documentation to crew salaries, home allotments, visa applications, and permits. 

What has kept Juliah in the role for the past eight years is the kindness and camaraderie that she has experienced in the sector. While the role demands speed and agility, no challenge is too big. Juliah finds comfort knowing that her colleagues would work with her without any hesitation, to tackle complex challenges as a team. And it is this sense of belonging and family that gives her immense job satisfaction — and for nearly a decade too!

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Heng Chih Chwen from Standard Chartered Bank

Investing in meaningful change across maritime

As a Director of Shipping Finance (Ship Financier) at Standard Chartered Bank, Chih Chwen helps clients fund the sustainable projects that matter — armed with sound knowledge of both the shipping and financial markets, along with a strong network of shipowners, yards, and charterers. These include the latest innovations in the shipping industry to drive sustainability and operational efficiency, such as dual-fuel propulsion systems and eco engines.

Graduating with a degree in Economics during the global financial crisis of 2008, Chih Chwen’s passion for maritime was first kindled by his father — a veteran of 30 years in the shipyard space, who prompted him to try his hand at shipping.

Besides personal passion, he is also fuelled by a firm belief in the role of finance in maritime’s digital transformation and sustainability journey and aims to help shipping companies finance more sustainable solutions.

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