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Reasons to be optimistic about China’s recovery, How to insure against the risk of stablecoin runs, and more

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Reasons to be optimistic about China’s recovery

By Andy Rothman
With Covid-19 in retreat, the Chinese government has an opportunity to return to a more pragmatic approach to public health and the economy. Once the lockdowns are lifted, significant stimulus is likely to be introduced, which should lead to a second-half recovery. Soon after people are released from lockdowns, expect the government to initiate a major stimulus programme, designed to support a visible economic recovery by the time of the Party Congress in autumn this year.
 How to insure against the risk of stablecoin runs

By Ezechiel Copic
The news that TerraUSD, one of the largest algorithmic stablecoins with a market cap once above $18bn, broke its peg to the dollar has reverberated throughout financial markets. Now is the time to task the FDIC with analysing a new federal stablecoin insurance programme. 

Driving ESG standards and transition: the role of the regulator
Wednesday 25 May, Roundtable
ESG standards, disclosure frameworks and regulations have mushroomed in the past few years. While this shows a commitment to net zero, it creates complexity and divergence in the tools, definitions and metrics used to implement ESG. 

Ukraine safeguards relations with international investors
Yuriy Butsa, Ukraine’s government commissioner for public debt management, joined OMFIF’s public debt summit. Speaking in a video interview, he discussed the resolute management of Ukraine’s finances and why the country has continued to issue bonds to international investors at a time of crisis. 
 Data: Towards a new age of economic enlightenment

As regulators and policy-makers work to balance protection and innovation in their evolving frameworks, this landmark report explores the use of data and its potentially transformative impact on developments in the global economy, financial services, the business community and society as a whole.

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