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Swire Shipping celebrates opening of new branch office in Japan

by admin
Group photo from the Kagami-Biraki ceremony

Tokyo, Japan – Swire Shipping commemorated the opening of its new Japan branch office in Tokyo on 21 February. Held at The Palace Hotel in Tokyo, the event was attended by over 190 guests. This momentous occasion marks Swire Shipping’s official return to Japan with a physical presence, in recognition of the vast potential of the
Japanese market and solidifying its commitment to the country.

This follows Swire Shipping’s recent integration of the Westwood brand, creating a unified front for its services in Japan, North America, South Korea, and China. More than just a symbolic opening, the new Japan branch underscores Swire Shipping’s commitment to offering a seamless and comprehensive experience for its customers
across the globe. This presence will also allow Swire Shipping to better serve its Japanese customers, collaborate more effectively by leveraging local expertise, and forge stronger relationships.

During the event, both Jeremy Sutton, Chief Executive Officer of Swire Shipping, and Chris Robertson, Country Manager – Japan, Swire Shipping, took the opportunity to celebrate the company’s legacy and enduring presence in Japan. In their respective speeches, they emphasised the importance of the Japanese market to Swire Shipping
and expressed their confidence in the company’s continued success in the country.

A poignant highlight of the evening was the Kagami-biraki ceremony – the customary breaking open of a sake barrel – a tradition steeped in respect and appreciation. Esteemed long-serving former employees of Swire, who had served the company with dedication in the past, shared a toast of sake alongside the current Japan team onstage. This symbolic act represented the passing of the torch to the next generation, as well as a tribute to past achievements and an expression of optimism for new beginnings.

Event photo from Japan opening Branch

Chris Robertson said, “We have worked tirelessly to build a reputation for safety, excellence, and integrity. It is this commitment to quality and dedication to our customers that has allowed us to thrive and grow. We are excited to bring our physical presence back to Japan and demonstrate our renewed commitment to serving our valued customers and partners. With a dedicated team on the ground, we are ready to leverage the endless opportunities, build even stronger relationships, and create lasting value.

In Japan, the Swire name boasts a long-standing presence, dating back to 1867. Swire Shipping, previously known as The China Navigation Company, also has a rich historical tapestry, having been in operations for over 150 years. This enduring presence serves as a testament to the company’s strong relationships with its customers, partners,
vendors, and staff. Through this, Swire Shipping has cultivated a deep understanding of the local market’s nuances and complexities, enabling it to provide its customers with exceptional service and value.

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