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Seamar / Manta / Abacus announcement of collaboration during Posidonia 2024

by admin
M/T Bulk Friendship

Seamar Management S.A. is taking a significant step forward in its ongoing commitment to provide sustainable shipping services by partnering with Manta Marine Technologies and Abacus Marine Consultants to install the cutting-edge Vessel Optimization solution, FuelOpt™ on M/V Bulk Friendship, a 58,700 DWT Bulk Carrier.

FuelOpt™ is a user-friendly system, which delivers direct, real-time propulsion optimization, resulting in increased energy efficiency and reduced fuel consumption. By replacing the traditional constant RPM, lever-based operation with direct control over key propulsion parameters, FuelOpt™ empowers the crew to execute the planned voyage with greater accuracy. This approach leads to a smoother operational profile, eliminates issues such as overconsumption or consumption peaks, and reduces the influence of human factors.

FuelOpt™ allows the bridge crew to control vessel speed, shaft power and to set a maximum fuel consumption limit. This does not only allow the vessel to operate more efficiently which directly improves the CII rating, but also ensures compliance with charter party contracts. Additionally, the system offers EEXI compliance for vessels through Shaft Power Limitation. On vessels with controllable pitch propellers, FuelOpt™ dynamically tunes the propulsion machinery as well.

FuelOpt™ bridge panel

FuelOpt™ typically delivers fuel savings between 2 and 5% for Fixed Pitch Propeller vessels and up to an impressive 18% for Controllable Pitch Propeller vessels.

Seamar’s project manager, Mr. Salonikos Salonikidis, declared his expectations through the implementation of FuelOpt™:

  • Optimizing the vessel’s performance by reducing fuel consumption in various weather conditions.
  • Enhancing the vessel’s operational profile.
  • Reducing emissions and improving the vessels’ CII rating.

The high-frequency data collected by FuelOpt™ is transmitted to the cloud-based data monitoring, management, and reporting tool, Fleet Analytics. This facilitates an in-depth analysis of the vessel and trade, provides decision support, and simplifies reporting.

Richard Bjercke, Chief Commercial Officer at Manta Marine stated: “We are proud to have been chosen as a partner by Seamar and look forward to working with their skilled and experienced team to help improve their operations and lower their environmental footprint.”

Once the equipment is operational, the next step will involve evaluating both the vessel’s performance under the new operating method and the actual fuel savings.
As for all their esteemed partners, Manta Marine will provide support through education, and operating suggestions while developing a tailor-made case study for Seamar based on their specific requirements, and the vessel’s operational characteristics.

Posidonia picture of all stakeholders on a left to right basis: Mr. Harris Petousis, Mr. Manos Kagiasis, Mr. Salonikos Salonikidis, Mr. Richard Engelhart Bjercke and Mr. Mattias Klingstahl.

All stakeholders eagerly anticipate the performance results of the Bulk Friendship with FuelOpt™ in operation.

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