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HESGB 2024 BBQ: another milestone!

by admin
What a gathering!

No matter the weather, the horrendous traffic due to road works (a phenomenon lately all over Greater London) and other issues occurring on a Sunday, the faithful members, family, friends and guests made it to the HESGB Annual BBQ at The Trailfinders Sports Club in West Ealing!

Nicholas Lilis and his wife (front row), Ioanna Sgourdopoulou-Karra and a friend (back row)

HESGB Treasurer Evan Zaranis (r) with his son Alexis and Poppy Dover

A few drops at mid-day…paved the way for a sunshine afternoon at 21C with just over 100 participating – equaling last year’s attendance. The advantage being that we always use Trailfinders’ function room as well as the outside garden, so all needs are being met so to speak…

Robert Hoad, his wife Erica Xenakis, Mrs. Taeruko Xenakis and Phyleria Zymari from A.P.&A.

Due to a misunderstanding, Marinas’ live music quartet, inked in their diaries the following Sunday, so no dancing this year but exceptional networking took place to the full; the two major wars (Ukraine and Gaza including the despicable attacks on merchant shipping by the Houthi terrorists), the shipping markets, the European Parliament elections, the snap French election taking place as we were having the event, with mixed feelings by the majority of guests, the forthcoming British one and the summer holidays with at least five common destinations, not to mention Posidonia 2024,were the main issues discussed. Good to meet as always long-standing members – some of whom we haven’t seen for over 15 years, and friends, but this time we also made new acquaintances!

Alexandros Kapraras on the right with friends

Good to see families bringing their young children too as well as many new guests. Over ten nationalities were there! Brazilians, British, Chinese, Greeks, Italians, Japanese, Portuguese to name but some!

The food was excellent, well cooked in front of us and the aroma brought back memories of Greece and its islands of similar events. The sweets went at a blink of an eye, but thank Poseidon there was plenty of ice-cream!

…another full view

First-class service by the Trailfinders’ events manager Rachelle Simpson and her team; all being most polite with utmost good manners – as if you were on a five star cruise ship…

HESGB’s Governing Committee was there in full force and with only two exceptions!!!

from the left, the president of HESGB Dimitris N. Monioudis with Gianluca Tozzi, Professor of Industrial Engineering at the University of Greenwich (at the far right of the table), his wife Dr. Alkistis Karabelas from Wartsila Defence Solutions, and their children and friends children); at the front right Claire Mangriotis.
David Aldrich Blake (Matina Ouzounis’ husband), Kostas Gkonis of Intercargo and Dimitris N. Monioudis

From the faithful we spotted The Skinitis, Alberto Mafrendini, James Yin, Captain Michael Kounoupas and his wife Ann, Costas Fafalios and friends, George Anastasiou and his wife, Capt Theodore Lembesis… Commander (HCG) Aggeliki Iatropoulou with her daughters, Nicholas Lilis and his wife, the Hamberis Bros – as they are known, Apollonia Koukios-Zagoritou, Sotiris Milisis, his wife Ioanna and daughter Eleni.

Commander (HCG) Aggeliki Iatropoulou, Commander (HCG) Eva Kassotaki with her husband Christos Ioannou from V.Ships
l to r: Takis N. Pappas, Capt. Theodore Lembesis, George Anastassiou with his wife and Sivila Ambatzoglou
The Nicholas Skinitis table with Dimitris Papaharalabos, his wife Lia Chrysikou, Olga Markopoulos, Eleni-Asimina Papagianopoulou, Pyghi and Nikos Skinitis, Prof. Epaminondas Mastorakos and Dr. Evangelos Markopoulos

Newcomers included the Foroglous with their children, fashion designer Matina Ouzouni and her husband David, Commander (HCG) Eva Kassotaki and her husband Christos Ioannou from V. Ships, Dr. Evangelos Markopoulos with his wife Olga, Paris Magriotis and his wife, Dr. Alkistis Karabela from Wartsila and her husband Tozzi G.A., and Alexis Zaranis with Poppy Dover…

The Michael Kounoupas table with the Ambazoglous and Lefki Papacharalabous

Good to see my Falifornian neighbour Radm (HCG Tech – Rt) Tasos Ambazoglou in London with his wife and daughter Sivila from the IMO, after almost 15 years, as well as Thanasi Theofilis of Elsmore Shipping.

Tenia Koronaiou with Commander (HCG) Eva Kassotaki

Worth mentioning there were nine dogs, a record so to say; all very well behaved!

Whose that dog…
…more smiling faces…

Reminding you this BBQ is one of the three main events of the HESGB – the other two being the Annual Dinner and Dance at the Grosvenor House Hotel and the pre-Christmas dinner at the Real Greek in London’s Westfield. Add three to four informal drinks gatherings in traditional pubs and restaurants by the banks of the Thames which attract over sixty members; and do try to join!

…smiling faces, fashion designer Matina Ouzouni, Vera Benson and Camila de Oliveira Diniz, wife of HESGB president.
Rachelle Simpson, the Events manager at Trailfinders, talking with David Aldrich-Blake

Many Congratulations to HESGB Events team (Kostas Amarantidis, Evan Zaranis, Alex Xenakis and Patty Apostolopoulou)) for staging on more successful event!

Wishing all a nice summer break!

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