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The Spetses Classic Yacht Regatta 2024

by admin
Three crew members of the “VIKING” with their cups; on the left, Thanassis Triantafyllou, in the middle Admiral (HN Rt) Ioannis Pavlopoulos, Honorary Commander-in-Chief of the Hellenic Fleet and on the right Thanassis Thymaras

The Spetses Classic Yacht Regatta (SCYR) kick-started in 2011 and has been ever since not only one the most popular races of its kind in Greece, but also one of the most important in the Med. It is organized every summer, usually during June, by the Yacht Club of Greece and is under the auspices of the Municipality of Spetses and with the support of the Nautical Club of Spetses.*

A great momentum of the caique “VIKING” during the race

Spetses Classic Yacht Regatta 2024

Online Notice Board

Event Documents

Notice of WhatsApp Link2024-06-21
Notice of Public Links2024-06-21
NOTICE OF RACE2024-06-23
ΟΔΗΓΙΕΣ ΠΛΟΥ2024-06-25
Entry List Classical Spirit Contemporary Classics2024-06-27
Entry List Classic A Classic B Traditional Dinghies2024-06-27
Entry List Aegean Sailing Schooners Traditional Work Boats2024-06-27
Entry List Traditional Open Boats 1 & 22024-06-27
Notice to Competitors — 01 NOTICE TO COMPETITORS No 12024-06-27
Results R1 Contemporary Classic2024-06-27
Results R1 & R2 Traditional Open Boats 22024-06-27
Results R1 Classic B2024-06-27
Results R1 Traditional Open Boats2024-06-27
Results R2 Traditional Open Boats2024-06-27
Results R1 Classical Spirit2024-06-27
Results R1 Traditional Work Boats2024-06-27
Results R1-2 Traditional Dinghies2024-06-27
Overall Traditional Dinghies2024-06-27
Overall Traditional Open Boats 1 & 22024-06-27
Results R1 Aegea Classic Schooners2024-06-27
Notice to Competitors — 02 Traditional Dinghies2024-06-27
Results R1 Classic A2024-06-28
Results R3 Traditional Dinghies2024-06-28
Results R3 Traditional Open Boats 12024-06-28
Results R3 Traditional Open Boats 22024-06-28
Results R2 Traditional Work Boats2024-06-28
Results R2 Aegean Classic Schooners2024-06-28
Results R2 Classical Spirit2024-06-28
Results R2 Contemporary Classics2024-06-28
Results R3 Aegea Classic Schooners2024-06-28
Results R3 Traditional Work Boats2024-06-28
Results R2 Classic A2024-06-28
Results R4-5 Traditional Dinghies2024-06-28
Results R4 Traditional Open Boats 12024-06-28
Results R5 Traditional Open Boats 12024-06-28
Results R4-5 Traditional Open Boats 22024-06-28
Results R2 Classic B2024-06-28
Notice to Competitors — 04 Race schedule 29/6/20242024-06-28
Notice to Competitors — 03 Change to SI APPENDIX A – Correct repetition2024-06-28
Overall Traditional Dinghies2024-06-29
Overall Traditional Open Boats 1 & 22024-06-29
Results R3 Classical Spirit2024-06-29
Results R3 Contemporary Classics2024-06-29
Results R3 Classic A2024-06-29
Results R3 Classic B2024-06-29
Results R4 Classical Spirit2024-06-29
Results R4 Classic A2024-06-29
Results R4 Aegea Classic Schooners2024-06-29
Results R5 Aegea Classic Schooners2024-06-29
Results R4 R5 Traditional Work Boats2024-06-29
Results R4 Contemporary Classics2024-06-29
Overall Classical Spirit Contemporary Classics2024-06-29
Results R4 Classic B2024-06-29
Overall Classic A Classic B2024-06-29
Overall Aegean Classic Schooners & Traditional Work Boats2024-06-29

Event Contacts

Race Committeesailing@ycg.grsailing@ycg.gr

One of the very special boats which took part in this Regatta, was the traditional caïque VIKING (pictured above) constructed in 1957 in Spetses(!), owned and sponsored by Michalis Stassinopoulos.

The Skipper (Captain) during the regatta was Mr Manolis Pantelis with the following crew:

Anthimos Nikolaides, Loukas Bardakos, Dimitris Gerontaris, Sotiris Kartalis, Manos Passamichalis, Antonis Fyrigos, Thanassis Thymaras, Yiannis Thymaras, Nikos Makris, Thanassis Triantafyllou, Ioannis Pavlopoulos (honorary commander in chief of the Hellenic Fleet), Harris Svolos and Pytheas.

The majority of the crew are decorated athletes on sailing, having participated in National, European, and World Championships.


Updates will follow. Watch this space!

N.B. Regret we have missed this very special event, but our …man in Habana was there; Lady Luck too…

  • Viewers can log at the YCG site, see banner near the bottom right hand side of www.allaboutshipping.co.uk ‘s site and get more info as well as what the Yacht Club of Greece does; activities in particular.
  • Congratulations also to all participants – crew, boat owners, sponsors and supporters as well as to all those spectators watching the race.


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