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IMB Piracy Report (7 november 2011)

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30.10.2011: Posn: 03:26.5N – 006:42.3E, OPL Bonny, Nigeria
Armed pirates boarded a drifting product tanker awaiting discharging instructions. They took 25 crew members hostage and hijacked the tanker to a position off Lagos/Benin. Here, the pirates transfered the vessel’s cargo into a barge. On 4 November 2011, the pirates sailed the tanker back to Bonny, stole personal effects from the crew and disembarked around 35nm SW of Bonny Fairway. No injuries to crew members.

03.11.2011: 2100 UTC: Posn: 06:10S – 051:10E, around 260nm SW of Seychelles Island, (Off Somalia)
Pirates attacked and hijacked a fishing vessel underway, holding her 28 crew members as hostages. The hijackers sailed the vessel towards Somali coast. On 5 November 2011, the crew managed to regain control of their vessel and rendezvoued with a warship that provided assistance. All 28 crew members are safe. The fishing vessel is proceeding to a safe port.

31.10.2011: 0858 UTC: Posn: 12:00N – 045:33E, Gulf of Aden
Armed pirates boarded and hijacked a chemical tanker underway, holding her 22 crew members as hostage. Pirates sailed the tanker towards Somali coast where she is anchored presently.

03.11.2011: 0255 LT: POSN: 08:30.06N – 013:13.82W, Freetown Inner Anchorage, Sierra Leone
Two robbers boarded a general cargo ship at anchor. Robbers were spotted on the main deck by the duty watchman. Bridge was informed and alarm raised. Robbers escaped. Port authority was informed. Nothing was stolen and no casualties.

26.10.2011: 0130 LT: Posn: 01:42.2N – 101:29.3E, Dumai Inner Anchorage, Indonesia
Two robbers in a wooden speed boat attempted to board a chemical tanker at anchor. Robbers used folded rods with a hook to climb. Alert duty watchman sighted the robbers and informed bridge. OOW raised alarm and mustered crew. Seeing crew alertness, the robbers aborted the attempt and moved away. After around 30 minutes another boat with five robbers approached the vessel from astern and attempted to board the vessel. Once again alert watchkeeping ensured the robbers aborted the attempt. Nothing stolen.

26.10.2011: 0750 UTC: Posn: 04:15.6N – 001:25.6E, Off Togo
A refrigerated cargo ship drifting noticed on radar an approaching small boat. As the boat closed towards the vessel no change in course or speed was observed. Seeing this, Master raised alarm, started main engine, increased speed and commenced evasive manoeuvres. The boat followed the vessel for a while before reducing speed and moving away.

25.10.2011: 0005 LT: Posn: 01:15.5N – 104:02.0E, Singapore Straits
Pirates in two boats approached and followed a barge towed by a tug. The crew directed searchlights towards the barge but could not detect the small boats. Master contacted other vessels including a security vessel in their convoy. Later a Singapore navy warship contacted and alerted the tug’s Master that there are two small boats hiding behind his barge. Master altered course and spotted the two pirate boats resulting in the boats moving away. At 0200 LT, small boats once again approached the barge. The navy warship spotted the boats and alerted the Master. Even with the presence of the warship, the pirates boarded the barge. Upon inspection, property and stores of the barge were found to have been stolen.

16.10.2011: 1500 UTC: Posn: 14:26N – 052:49E, Gulf of Aden
Armed pirates in two skiffs chased a general cargo ship underway. Master raised alarm, contacted warships for assistance, took evasive manoeuvres and all crew members mustered at a safe room, except the bridge crew. After 30 minutes of chasing the pirates aborted the attempted attack and moved away.

24.10.2011: 1425 LT: Posn: 06:59.9N – 119:44.8E, Off Pangutaran Group Islands, Sulu Sea, Philippines
Pirates in six speed boats chased and attempted to board a bulk carrier underway. Master raised alarm, took evasive manoeuvres, crew mustered and activated fire hoses. The pirates chased the ship for 15 minutes and then aborted the attempted attack. The boats were seen to head towards a fishing vessel in the vicinity.

23.10.2011: 0612 UTC: Posn 04:59N – 054:29E, Around 360nm east of Hobyo, Somalia
Armed pirates in two skiffs chased and attempted to board a tanker underway. Mother ship in the vicinity. Master increased speed, carried out evasive manoeuvres and on board security team fired warning shots. Ship evaded the attack.

Wonder what the readers have to say. As for the experts, well…shame, isn’t…. As for the authorities: You have failed spectacularly yet again!

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