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Don’t take chances where your health is concerned…

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Don’t take chances where your health is concerned…

Discover before it’s too late whether you are at an increased risk for a serious genetic disease and prevent it, such as various cancers, aortic aneurysms and heart disorders  

The purpose of this valuable preventive genomic test is to detect pathogenic mutations in any of the 59 genes listed in the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG recommendations for reporting secondary findings). The associated genetic diseases have been carefully selected and evaluated based on the potential for actionable and timely medical intervention, through the use of preventive management and/or treatment, aimed at early disease prevention for individuals with pathogenic gene mutations and who may be asymptomatic and have not yet manifested the disease. It should be noted that individuals with a pathogenic mutation in any one of the 59 genes are at a particularly high lifetime risk of developing the corresponding disease. The test is performed from a simple blood sample or a saliva/buccal sample, it is performed entirely in the laboratories of InterGenetics and is completed within 15 days, while it is accompanied by a personalized and detailed clinical assessment and genetic counseling.

For further information call now +30 210-7705010 or visit our website https://www.intergenetics.eu/en/

InterGenetics is a Ion Torrent™ Certified Service Provider for Ion AmpliSeq sequencing on the Ion Proton platform

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