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Martek Marine wins >$1M in Korean orders for emissions monitoring system

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UK maritime equipment manufacturer Martek Marine has won a series of large orders for its MariNOx Evolution™ on-board emissions monitoring and engine efficiency system with Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering and Hyundai Heavy Industries.

Amongst the seven orders is the world’s largest and most complicated emissions monitoring system ever to measure SOx, NOx, CO2, CH4, NO2, THC, H2S, Benzene and N20. MariNOx Evolution™ is the world’s leading ship emissions system designed to enable simple and automated Marine Equipment Directive (MED) certified compliance with the MEPC 177(58) NOx Technical Code 2008, as well as MARPOL Annex VI and MEPC 103(49).

Commenting on the order, Martek Marine’s Managing Director Paul Luen said: “Korean yards continue to choose Martek over other fledgling competitors because of our vast experience and the unique features of MariNOx Evolution™. Over 100 of our systems have already been installed and have clocked up millions of operating hours. None of our competitors can even come close to this level of critical application experience across many different ship types, hence the confidence our customers enjoy in their choice. Yards are building more fuel efficient and less polluting ships and so are turning to our world-class solution to help them achieve this. We have a team of local experienced Korean MariNOx engineers who are able to install and commission MariNOx Evolution™ systems and have developed a particularly close working relationship with the Korean yards.”

MariNOx Evolution™ is the simplest, quickest and lowest cost system to install for shipyards because all engines are monitored via a single sample line without the need to install a complex dilution arrangement requiring dry air supplies at each engine.

MariNOx Evolution™ was introduced to the market in 2010 following further development and engineering from the original MariNOx system launched in 2005 and is based on millions of hours of application experience.


CH4 = Methane NO2 = Nitrogen dioxide THC = Total HydroCarbon Content H2S = Hydrogen sulphide N20 = Nitrous oxide

Founded in 2000, Martek Marine provides equipment and services designed to enable the shipping and offshore sector to meet the latest environmental and safety regulatory standards. The company provides world beating systems for BNWAS, engine emissions monitoring, gas detection, water level detection, and cargo tank monitoring. The company also supplies a specialist marine defibrillator. Martek provides an extensive system servicing and system spares service for customers.

Martek Marine is headquartered in the UK (Rotherham) and has regional offices in the USA and Singapore as well as a 44 strong global network of sales and services offices.


NOx Compliant with MARPOL Annex VI Reg. 13

Instantaneous specific NOx g/kWh

Totalised mass NOx emissions kg/tonnes

(ISO 14001 reporting)

Automatic monthly NOx compliance tests during normal vessel operations

Pre-configured for Tier I, Tier II and Tier III emission limits


Compliant with MARPOL Annex VI Reg. 14 (4) (b)

i. SO2/CO2 ratio

ii. Fuel oil sulphur content (% w/w)

iii. Totalised mass SOx emissions kg/tonnes


Instantaneous % totalised mass CO2 emissions kg/tonnes

CO2 emission indexing in line with MEPC

Circ. 471, e.g. g CO2/tonne nm’

CO/CO2 combustion efficiency ratio capability


OPTIONAL ANALYSERS SOx, CO, O2, NH3, Hydrocarbons & Particulate matter.

ANCILLARY INPUTS Engine performance parameter sensors, ambient temperature, pressure & humidity sensors, as required by ‘The NOx Technical Code (2008)’

SECURITY Date encryption to ensure tamperproof emissions reporting


TESTING Class A/B/BV spec Pt C, Ch 3, section 6

TYPE APPROVAL Lloyd’s Register, DNV & MCGA

SYSTEM DIAGNOSTICS Automated system condition monitoring with maintenance indicators.

EMISSIONS REPORTING DATALINK – Windows-based user emissions reporting software, displays multiengine details and emissions values in a simple, user friendly format.

ONLINE EMISSIONS REPORTING Utilising a secure Web portal for corporate access to individual vessel or full fleet reporting. Secure Web access provides: vessel position; speed; direction data; instant emissions; cumulative emissions data; and sulphur in fuel reporting. Other data available on request.

EMISSIONS CONTROL AREA (ECA) ALERTS Determines applicable emission limits based on geographical location and provides an automatic alarm notification. Reports show emissions snapshot via Inmarsat ‘D’ by email, SMS, etc.

ENGINE PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT Integration facility with your engine performance management system to enhance engine optimisation capability.

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