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ITF docker and seafarer leaders take up LA port strike case

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29 November 2012 – Dockers’ and seafarers’ union leaders meeting in Cyprus have announced their support for members of the Office Clerical Unit of Local 63 of the ITF-affiliated ILWU (International Longshore and Warehouse Union) who have begun strike action at the Port of Los Angeles, USA.  

Commenting on the strike, and on reports that employers may have been bugging calls between trade union representatives at the port, ITF president Paddy Crumlin stated: “These are extremely serious charges. The world leadership of the dockers’ and seafarers’ unions of the ITF resolve to give full support and solidarity to the ILWU members affected. The company concerned is part of the Maersk international group, where there is an established dialogue, so the ITF will be urgently seeking high level meetings with them to find explanations and a functional resolution of the matter.”

There were also swift promises of support from the ITF dockers’ section committee, as well as from the ITF Fair Practices Committee Steering Group, which is meeting today in Cyprus.   The ILUW has asked for statements of solidarity and support for the Office Clerical Unit workers to be sent to ray.familathe@ilwu.org.   For more on the dispute see: www.ilwu.org/?p=4269

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