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Helping to maximise the value of solar measurements

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GL GH LOGOHamburg/Germany, 3 May 2013 – Since its initial release in spring 2010, GL Garrad Hassan’s Online Data Management (ODM) service has continued to grow and is currently used by clients in 34 countries worldwide with many hundreds of met masts and remote sensing devices under management. Following on from this success, GL Garrad Hassan has added Solar Data Management to its ODM service.

Comprehensive monitoring and analysis of on-site solar measurements increases the value of the data for subsequent use in formal bankable assessments. Yet it can be challenging to quickly identify and resolve issues with equipment as soon as possible to ensure accurate and continuous data collection. GL Garrad Hassan’s Online Data Management (ODM) service provides clients with a 24/7 fully secure, password protected online access to quality controlled data for managing and maximising the potential of their measurement campaigns.

“It is exciting to see this new development of our Online Data Management services. We consider solar on-site measurements of key importance in reducing the uncertainty of long-term energy production predictions. Solar ODM is a logical extension of our highly successful wind data management services and arrives in response to client requests”, said Dr Lucy Craig, Head of GL Garrad Hassan’s Iberica & Latin America region.

GL Garrad Hassan’s ODM service is designed to help clients minimise frequent and detailed investigation of on-site measurements while maximising the value associated with stable, accurate and continuous data collection. Data are physically located at a secure server farm, fully backed up with multiple levels of redundancy. The service allows clients 24/7 secure online access to summary statistics including monthly irradiation and other critical information pertinent to the early stages of project development. As on-site data measurements are transmitted, received and processed by this automated service, the cleaned data are checked by an experienced analyst and the recent data statistics are presented on the website on a weekly basis. Routine data checking ensures that problems with equipment are quickly identified and resolved, therefore increasing the value of the data. Users of the service also benefit from access to trained staff to help answer questions and provide other supporting development services as required.

Viewers can contact the GL Garrad Hassan ODM team for further information and a demonstration at ODM.Support@gl-garradhassan.com

About GL Garrad Hassan

GL Garrad Hassan is one of the world’s largest renewable energy consultancies and a recognised technical authority on the subject. It offers independent technical and engineering services, products, and training courses to the onshore and offshore wind, wave, tidal and solar sectors. The renewable energy consultancy currently employs around 1000 staff, in 44 locations, across 26 countries. For more information on GL Garrad Hassan, please visit www.gl-garradhassan.com

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