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OW BUNKER completes first physical supply with Coriolis flow meter in Singapore

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OW LogoCompany in the process of implementing high-value physical supply offering for customers in Singapore

OW Bunker, one of the world’s largest suppliers and traders of marine fuels and lubricants, today announced that it has completed its first physical supply to a customer using a Coriolis Flow Meter in Singapore. The company is in the process of introducing a physical supply operation in the region in order to expand its presence and ensure customers receive the highest quality products and service.

“We want to give customers the highest value fuel supply offering on the market, and ensure that the excellence we have in our European physical operations is replicated in Asia. While we naturally follow the MPA’s SS 600 to the letter, we want to take more control of the supply chain for the benefit of our customers. This means providing the most efficient service possible by ensuring fast turnaround times and optimising the process from order through to final delivery, in conjunction with using innovations such as Coriolis Flow Meters so that the right quantity of products are delivered, ” says Paul Bradshaw, General Manager, OW Bunker Asia.

“We are in the process of introducing a physical supply service in Singapore, and are satisfied with the outcome of this first supply. Our plan is to develop further using the Coriolis Flow Meter with a second vessel coming on line in July, followed by a formal launch later in 2013.”

OW Bunker’s first supply was carried out using Napamora, a 5600 dwt, double-hulled barge with a pumping capacity of 1, 000cbm/hour to ensure fast delivery. The vessel supplied over 3200 metric tonnes of fuel oil using a Coriolis Flow Meter to ensure the right quantity was delivered. OW Bunker has pioneered the use of the technology over the past few years and they are now installed on over 80% of the company’s global fleet.

OW Bunker also ensures the quality of its products through the use of its own global standard that is used in all physical operations. Customers are provided with a specification analysis on product orders, which is delivered prior to the usual testing procedures conducted by an external fuel oil analysis provider.

“Our customers are looking at every opportunity to drive efficiencies into their operations and reduce the total cost of ownership within the supply chain. Ensuring a high quality physical bunkering service that optimises this and saves time, as well as reduces risks over quality and quantity, and therefore claims, is a compelling proposition, ” concludes Bradshaw.

About OW Bunker:

OW Bunker is one of the world’s largest suppliers of marine fuel oil and related services. The Group’s core activity is the global sale of bunkers both from its own physical inventories, where it operates over 30 large and small tankers in its global fleet, as well as an intermediary trader. OW Bunker also provides advanced risk management tools and services in an increasingly unpredictable oil market and volatile global economy, and also purchases and sells entire oil cargoes.

The Group is represented in 25 countries world wide, spanning Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa and the Americas and commands more than 6% of the global bunker market.

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