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The Board of Oslo Børs approves Ocean Yield for listing on Oslo Børs

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oslo bors20/06/2013 – At its meeting on 20 June 2013, the Board of Directors of Oslo Børs resolved to admit shares in the company Ocean Yield ASA to listing on Oslo Børs.

The Board stipulated that, prior to the first day of listing the company must satisfy the requirement for the number of shareholders as specified in Section 2.4.2 of the Oslo Børs Listing Rules and have at least 25% spread of share ownership among the general public, as specified in section 2.4.1 of the Oslo Børs Listing Rules.

If the requirement for number of shareholders is not met, the company will be accepted for a listing on Oslo Axess, assuming Section 2.4.2 of the Oslo Axess Listing Rules is satisfied, as well as all other listing requirements.

The Board authorised the Chief Executive Officer of Oslo Børs to decide whether the company should be listed on Oslo Børs or Oslo Axess, and to fix the date of the first day of listing, which is to be no later than 2 August 2013.

About Ocean Yield
Ocean Yield was established in March 2012, with a portfolio of assets controlled by Aker ASA, to form the basis for developing a company with investments within oil-service and industrial shipping. The Company focuses on long-term charters, modern assets and solid counterparties. In the second half of 2012 and the first quarter of 2013 the Company expanded its portfolio of assets by investing in five new vessels. The Company has a solid financial platform, a diversified fleet of vessels on long-term charters, and intends to further expand its fleet. Ocean Yield has an ambition to pay attractive and growing semi-annual dividends to its investors.

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