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Total Lubmarine’s triple S

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Serge Dal Farra

Serge Dal Farra

POLL: 93% of Shipowners and managers using Universal cylinder oils cite Safety, savings and Simplicity as main benefits

PARIS (20 June 2013): Over nine out of ten ship owners and managers using single oils believe that the main benefits are the assurance of safety in operations, direct savings in lubricant handling and appreciable simplicity for crew operations, according to an independent poll carried out on behalf of marine lubricants provider, Total Lubmarine.

Commenting on the results, Serge Dal Farra, marketing manager, Total Lubmarine said: “We understand that amidst ever more stringent environmental standards and increasing fuel costs, operating successfully in today’s marine industry and preparing for the challenges of tomorrowdemands that vessels must deliver optimum performance and cost effectiveness. With four-fifths of our customer base using a single oil solution, the results of our survey support our strong conviction that ‘single solution’ universal lubricants represent the future of marine cylinder lubrication.”

Total Lubmarine has pioneered the development of universal lubricants, launching its first product – Talusia Universal – to the market in 2008, with over 80% of Total Lubmarine customers now using the product. After only five years, Talusia Universal has accumulated 45 million hours of successful operation that has resulted in Type Approval from major OEMs. Over 5, 000 vessels now trust and use Talusia Universal, making it the most widely used universal lubricant in the world.

With regard to the usage of bio-lubricants, the survey also revealed a 90% increase since 2009, with 69% definitely or likely to buy eco-friendly products over the coming months. The main reasons for this were largely attributed to regulation (57%) and green company policy (55%). A key regulatory driver is likely to be the imminent changes to the Vessel General Permit (VGP) issued by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and entering into force in December 2013. Ship owners worldwide will now have to use lubricants that are compliant with this new legislation if they want to transit through U.S. waters. Total Lubmarine offers a wide range of bio-lubricants covering bearings, gears, hydraulic systems, wire ropes and stern tubes to customers worldwide.

About Total Lubmarine
Total Lubmarine provides the shipping industry with leading marine lubricants and greases, associated with first-class service. To earn the confidence of our customers, we commit ourselves to meeting their expectations. We offer a complete range of marine lubricants to meet the needs of the international shipping industry, based on technologies developed by the Total Research Centre at Solaize, tested and approved by all the major marine engine manufacturers. Dedicated and motivated local logistics teams are able to deliver lubricants in more than 1000 ports. A highly qualified technical service team ready to assist customers throughout the major ports worldwide.

Survey Methodology
A total of 176 interviews were conducted with ship owners and managers, across 29 countries. Independent consultancy, TNS Sofres asked 60 questions which explored areas including product offer, logistics offer and service, reliability, invoicing, ordering and efficiency of both the sales and technical teams.

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