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Singapore Shipping Association elects new council

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Singapore Financial Centre - picture credits: S. Venardos

Singapore Financial Centre – picture credits: S. Venardos

The Singapore Shipping Association (SSA) held its 17th Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 2 July 2013 at the Marina Mandarin Hotel in Singapore.
It was attended by 113 Ordinary and 22 Associate Members out of its total membership base of 459.

During the meeting, the AGM elected Members to form the new Council (2013-2015)[1]. The newly elected members to the Council (2013-2015) are:

Member Company                           Represented By

1.AVRA International Pte Ltd Mr. Esben Poulsson, Chairman
2.Evergreen Shipping Agency (Singapore) Pte Ltd Mr. Patrick Phoon, Deputy Managing Director
3.Maersk Singapore Pte. Ltd. Mr. René Piil Pedersen, Director
4.Ocean Tankers (Pte) Ltd Mr. Aloysius Seow, Chief Operating Officer
5.Pacific Carriers Limited Mr. Tan Chin Hee, Director
6.Pacific International Lines (Pte) Ltd Ms. Lisa Teo,  Executive Director (Corporate Development)
7.Thome Ship Management Pte Ltd Mr. Carsten Brix Ostenfeldt,  Chief Executive Officer

The seven newly elected Councillors, amongst themselves at their first Council meeting held immediately after the AGM, decided to elect the following office bearers:
President :  Mr. Patrick Phoon
Honorary Secretary :  Mr. Esben Poulsson
Honorary Treasurer :  Ms. Lisa Teo

This elected council is empowered to co-opt an additional six members into the SSA Council (2013-2015). The names of the Council members and their appointments will be released at a later date.

See Annex 1 for the current listing of the SSA Council (2013-2015) and their appointments.

Mr. Patrick Phoon, following his re-election as SSA President, said: “I am very honoured that the new Council has decided to elect me to serve as the SSA President once again. In the past two years, I have received tremendous support from all my fellow Council Members and I am looking forward to another 2 exciting years. Without their drive and energy, the objectives and interests of the SSA would not have been accomplished.”

He added: “In my second term as SSA President, I hope to gain all the support and assistance of my new Council to consolidate some of the works we have initiated in the last Council and crystallise them to achieve the desired results. I must say that the SSA remains very strongly committed towards developing Singapore’s pool of maritime talent, both at sea and on shore.”

On succession planning, Mr. Phoon commented: “We hope that young shipping executives will continue to make enthusiastic and positive contributions to Singapore’s vibrant shipping industry. In the new Council line-up, I am heartened to welcome onboard young and new faces who will bring forth fresh perspectives and experience to the team.”

“It is also my honour to continue working alongside my fellow Council members from the previous team, who had been re-appointed for this new term. It is indeed my pleasure to be heading this excellent team of committed individuals who take pride in serving SSA members’ interests and contributing to the growth of Maritime Singapore, ” Mr. Phoon concluded.

· Annex 1 – Listing of SSA Council Members 2013-2015 13085 SSA AGM – annexe 1

· Annex 2 – SSA President’s Report 2012-2013 by Mr. Patrick Phoon  13085 SSA AGM – annexe 2

[1] In accordance with the SSA Constitution, only the Ordinary members of the Association are eligible to be nominated and elected to the Council. The AGM will elect 7 Ordinary members to form the new Council. The new Council members will, amongst themselves, meet separately to elect the main office bearers. It may also co-opt up to 3 members from its Associate membership base and 2 other members from the general membership base, to ensure that the Council offers a balanced, holistic representation of the various business sectors that make up Singapore’s maritime industry.

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