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Cortland Company’s Quick Turnaround Ensures Safety of Battleship TEXAS

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DSCF0868Cortland Company’s Quick Turnaround Ensures Safety of Battleship TEXAS

From enquiry to delivery in under one week

Houston, TX,  31 July, 2013:  Cortland, the global designer and manufacturer of engineered synthetic ropes, heavy lift slings, electro-optical-mechanical cables, and umbilicals has delivered a three-part Plasma® 12×12 mooring line configuration for the Battleship TEXAS, the state historic site. Cortland received the quote, visited the site, supplied a quote and delivered the solution in less than a week.

TEXAS is the last battleship to participate in the first and second world wars, and was the first battleship to become a memorial museum in the U.S in 1948. TEXAS has been under the stewardship of the Texas Park & Wildlife Department since 1983, and is permanently anchored in La Porte on the busy Houston Ship Channel.

Andy Smith, Ship Manager at the Texas Park & Wildlife Department initially contacted Cortland to determine if they could provide an additional mooring support system.

TEXAS’ has 4 mooring “monopiles” to which she is currently and permanently chained, but portions of this system have been compromised over the last year. Plans to retro-fit and repair the system are currently projected to be complete by mid-September, but this left TEXAS vulnerable during the heart of hurricane season.

Cortland was consulted, and within a week, the battleship was secured using a three-part mooring line configuration using Cortland’s 12×12 Plasma® rope.

“I was very impressed by the service we received, ” said Andy Smith. “Time was of the utmost importance in this instance and Cortland delivered a practical and workable solution in an impressive timeframe.”

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