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Laskaridis’ “Atmoda” trip from South Korea to Greenland via the NSR…

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The m/v  "Atmoda" under tow by the "Tymyr"

The m/v “Atmoda” following the “Tymyr”

Ever since my first IMarEST conference on Arctic Shipping  just over ten years ago, I have devoted a lot on this issue in forms of articles and now herein with more articles as well as mentionings/references in various live interviews, particularly with SBC TV. A lucrative market needs to be balanced and many geopolitical issues and, particularly the Middle Eastern one, which has nothing to do with Israelis and Palestinians, might be eased.

The Panamanian flag m/v Atmoda is Laskaridis Shipping first 2013  North Sea Route (NSR) transiting vessel on a westbound passage from Pacific Far East  (South Korea) to North Atlantic (Greenland). This was Laskaridis Shipping earliest NSR transit, commencing in Cape Dezhnev in Bering Strait (NSR East  entry/exit) on the 27th of July 2013.

July transits are usually more challenging due to ice presence. Atomic icebreakers of FSUE Atomflot (aka Rosatomflot) are creating the required navigational passages in key points of the NSR at present. Three atomic powered icebreakers are being employed  for the NSR; Taymyr, Vaygach and Yamal.

Another view of the towing process

Another view of the  “Atmoda” following the “Tymyr”

One can view all information on NSR activities, applications, permissions and other relevant info from the NSR Administration – Russian Ministry of Transport site:  www.nsra.ru

Moreover,  one may view Rosatomflot’s ice breaker fleet info from their site : www.rosatomflot.ru

Thanks to my good old friend, compatriot and  former colleague in the good old days in Ascot’s Coworth  Park, we can present  a few pictures. Watch this space!

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Petros August 6, 2013 - 5:27 PM

Yanni, very kind. Just a footnote,ATMODA is not on tow. She is just following a atomic powered ice breaker under her own power. Amazing vessels, amazing company that manages these beasts! The NSR if ice free will be open to non ice classed vessels. Anticipate that this will possibly happen between end of August 2013 until end October 2013.


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