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TU Varna Simulation Centre receives European Maritime Administration Certification

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NAUTISVarna1Varna/Rotterdam, August 22nd 2013 – Following a compliance audit, the simulation centre of the TU Varna was officially certified by the European Maritime Administration in Bulgaria to provide maritime training in full compliance with the latest STCW and IMO regulations. All simulators at the TU Varna Centre are delivered by VSTEP and include NAUTIS FMB and NAUTIS Desktop simulators as well as Engine Room Simulators.

The TU Varna simulation centre is now certified to provide approved training for bridge team and resource management, ECDIS training, Engine Team Resource management and GMDSS training in accordance with European Maritime Administration and IMO guidelines. The TU Varna is one of the leading maritime universities on the Black Sea and incorporates a high tech simulation center at its premises, which uses state of the art simulation technology in its training curriculum. In order to fulfil all of the TU Varna’s training requirements, the university selected VSTEP’s NAUTIS maritime simulators for this simulation centre.

NAUTIS is a new range of advanced DNV certified maritime training simulators developed by VSTEP. NAUTIS offers a high quality, affordable solution for training maritime professionals, officers and crews. NAUTIS includes a full range of certified simulators, from desktop trainer to full mission bridge simulator and allows maritime training in full compliance to the latest IMO Standards.NAUTISVarna2

Pjotr van Schothorst, VSTEP CTO: “The official certification of the TU Varna simulation center by the Maritime Administration is a confirmation of the high quality training value and the realism that NAUTIS simulators have to offer. We are happy that the TU Varna is now officially approved to provide professional simulator training to its students in full compliance with maritime training regulations.”

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NAUTIS is a new generation of advanced DNV certified maritime training simulators for the civilian & military maritime industry. The NAUTIS range of maritime training simulators is developed by VSTEP and offers an affordable alternative for training maritime officers and crews. With a full range of simulators, from desktop trainer to full mission bridge simulator, VSTEP delivers high quality cost-effective simulator solutions fulfilling the training requirements of nautical colleges, naval academies, maritime training centres and individual ship owners in compliance to the latest STCW requirements. www.nautissim.com

VSTEP is a leading International developer of simulators and virtual training software. VSTEP creates 3D virtual training applications and simulators that allow people to build their skills in a practical and cost effective way. VSTEP has several core product lines, focusing on virtual incident training for first responders (RescueSim), maritime training solutions for the civilian & military maritime industry (NAUTIS), training simulators to prepare camera operators to identify suspect human behavior before a crime or terrorist attack takes place (EyeObserve) and Crowd Control Trainers providing police commanders and training managers with an effective training tool for crowd-related incidents and demonstrations (Crowd Control Trainer) . www.vstepsimulation.com

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