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SeaRenergy Offshore installs Windpower Converter Platform HelWin1 for Siemens.

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searenergy-logoSeaRenergy Offshore successfully installed the first DC Converter Platform HelWin 1. The installation of the second platform BorWin 2 on behalf of Siemens is scheduled for later this year.

In June the subsea structure of the HelWin 1 Platform was installed in a water depth
of approx. 23 metres about 85 KM offshore, northwest of the island Helgoland.
The 12.000 ton Topside with a dimension of 75x27x50 meters is the largest platform
that has ever been installed in the North Sea. It was towed from its production site in
Wismar to the offshore site in seven days and positioned in four days. On August
23rd, four tugboats positioned the Topside above the subsea structure and it was
lifted hydraulically to its final position, 22 meters above sea level.
HelWin 1 will be connected to the wind farms Nordsee Ost and Meerwind. Together
they have a capacity of 576 Megawatts which is sufficient to provide electricity for
over 500, 000 households. The Platform converts the alternating current power
generated by the wind farms to direct current, ensuring only very minimal
transmission loss during transportation to the shore.

SeaRenergy Offshore is responsible for the realization of the project including the
transport and installation concepts. This also includes all project management,
offshore operations, marine coordination as well as on‐ / offshore logistics and QHSE.
“The successful installation of HelWin1 shows that SeaRenergy offers the right
solutions to the challenges of the offshore wind market”, say the co‐founders and
managing directors of SeaRenergy Offshore Holding, Jan B. Steffens and Kurt E.

About SeaRenergy
SeaRenergy Offshore covers the whole value chain of transport and installation of
components for offshore wind projects. This includes transport and installation of
foundations, towers and turbines as well as platforms for transformer stations and
accommodation. It develops and implements innovative and cost efficient solutions for
transportation and installation of wind farms. With a network of partners SeaRenergy
consolidates the skills and resources that are necessary to provide a turnkey package which is
unique in the industry. SeaRenergy Offshore Holding is led by the former CEO of Rickmers
Group, Hamburg, Jan B. Steffens and the offshore wind pioneer and founder of A2SEA, Kurt E.
Thomsen. For more information, visit www.searnergy‐offshore.com.

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