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GL Academy Responds to Growing Asian Needs

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Seminar on "Damages to the Hull Structure": ST Marine participants with Mr Julio Guevara Quinteros (6th from left, back row).

Seminar on “Damages to the Hull Structure”: ST Marine participants with Mr Julio Guevara Quinteros (6th from left, back row).

Singapore/Hamburg, 30* August 2013 – GL Academy, the maritime training arm of classification society Germanischer Lloyd (GL) has increased the number and scope of trainings which it delivers to meet the growing needs of Asia’s maritime communities. The seminars, which have focussed on a broad range of topics, have taken place in many countries around the region including: Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and India.

“2013 has been a very busy year for our training teams in Asia so far, as our clients have responded with enthusiasm to our programme and are interested in ensuring that their staff are well equipped with deeper expertise and prepared for new regulatory changes, ” said Mr Lukasz Luwanski, Vice President, Business Development for Asia Pacific.

In August, GL Academy completed seven sessions of in-house seminars for Singapore Technologies Marine Limited (ST Marine). Covering four different topics: Surveys and Certificates, Ship Structural Design, Introduction to the Offshore Industry and Dynamic Positioning, and Damages to the Hull Structure, the seminars have benefited a total of 90 participants from the shipyard over a period of two months.

“As well as standardised training, we are capable of and flexible about developing seminars tailored to the special needs of our customers, ” Mr Luwanski added. For instance, GL Academy conducted a “Designated Person Ashore (DPA) Training Course” for a renowned national energy company in India to strengthen its safety management systems and bring them in line with the International Safety Management (ISM) Code.

The Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (MLC 2006) has been a red-hot topic for GL Academy over the past year, building up to the entry into force of the Convention in August this year. Its first seminars on this topic kicked off in Singapore and the Philippines and from then on GL Academy launched an intensive campaign across Asia Pacific to enhance awareness of the new regulation among ship owners, management companies, crewing agencies and seafarers, and facilitate a thorough understanding of how to comply with both the Convention and the related guidelines.

To ensure training quality, GL Academy has made it a standard practice to nominate highly experienced internal and external trainers to deliver its seminars. As a result, the training participants find the training sessions especially informative and relevant, and can easily apply the knowledge gained to their daily operations.

“This is a conducive place for learning and sharing. The lecturer is able to explain clearly and elaborate with illustration, ” said a ST Marine engineer who attended the “Damages to the Hull Structure” seminar in August.

“We are able to share our accumulated experience and know-how with our Asian clients thanks to the solid support of regulatory bodies and good cooperation with many professional training institutes in Asia, ” stressed Ms Janette Seetoh, GL Academy Manager for Asia Pacific.

About Germanischer Lloyd

Germanischer Lloyd (GL) offers classification services of plan approval, inspection and certification of materials and components as well as technical assessments of ships in service. Its “Maritime Solutions” unit supports customers around the world through software solutions, management systems certification and training as well as consulting and engineering services. GL’s experts serve as advisors to governments, the IMO, flag and port states. The group is committed to a smarter, safer and greener future of shipping.

About GL Academy

GL Academy provides training solutions for industry. Three core areas of solution-oriented development are Energy Efficiency, Environmental Protection and Risk, Emergencies and Safety. With a modular training system that offers one of the broadest standard training seminar programmes, GL Academy also has the flexibility to develop specifically tailored seminars for customers. Content can be aligned to customers’ standards, requirements and ideas, while a process of continuous improvement and development means that seminars are always up to date and on topic.

Established in 1995, GL Academy has more than 300 dedicated trainers, who undergo rigorous certification and assessment, operating from 13 GL Academy offices covering 65 countries. In 2012, more than 7, 000 professionals participated in over 700 GL Academy seminars worldwide.

*Received late in the early hours of 31 Aug 2013

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