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5th troika review of Greece’s stabilization program

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Dr. Platon Monokroussos

Dr. Platon Monokroussos

Dr. Platon Monokroussos, Assistant General Manager, Head of Financial Markets Research Division at Eurobank Ergasias S.A., and his team prepared an interesting report / analysis titled: Greece Macro Monitor (14 November 2013). Pls lease log on at the end of this preamble on the link to the respective pdf.

5th troika review of Greece’s stabilization program

Current state of negotiations, progress and challenges  

After surviving the recent motion of censure initiated by the main opposition party, Greece’s coalition government is facing a number of important hurdles and challenges in the period ahead, stemming from a still-difficult domestic socioeconomic environment and a particularly demanding round of negotiations with the troika of official lenders. Undoubtedly, the road leading to the next EU loan disbursement and the completion of the present program review is bumpy, especially taking into account the range of quantitative targets and structural benchmarks included in the agenda of the current negotiations. After a temporary pause, talks between the Greek government and the troika resumed last week, but according to a number of press reports a diversion of view continues to exist on key issues such as the size of the projected fiscal gap in FY-2014 and the restructuring plans for domestic defense industries, ELVO and HDS. In this report we offer a comprehensive overview of what has already been achieved and the pending issues in the way to the conclusion of the current review. In addition, we present a timeline of the key dates and events that deserve close monitoring in the period ahead.

Greece- Macro Monitor(November 14, 2013)

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