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The Markets: Sustainability? Volatility? or what?

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John N. Faraclas

John N. Faraclas

Ever since the mega market mayhem of 2008 with the BDI entertaining the world with its 11, 700 plus points, the market remains predictably unpredictable. The moment the index peaks a bit the sirens are there to encourage the punters “create” a market. For which market do we talk of? The market of the owners? That of the brokers or that of the conventional investors? And what about those listed companies’ markets? And what about the Liner Trade markets? For sure the way things evolve via various broking houses and other parameters, we are “talking” about the markets of the 99 losers…and that of one winner…

John Faraclas in his telephone interview to Lilian Margaritis of SBC TV from Amsterdam’s National Maritime Museum, last Friday Sinterklass’ Day (6 Dec.2013), warns of difficult times ahead as the markets, in his view, cannot be characterised as sustainable, given for example the fact that the BCI was only one point down following a “rally” from the previous week’s  3, 089 points reaching on Thursday the 5th of Dec. the 3, 843 points mark and dropping a point on the 6th of December to 3, 842; yes one point is enough to prove that the markets have not the strength that many thought, to ensure a better future, which means at ease the 4, 000 point mark on the BCI and a better BDI  at 3, 000 points which closed at 2, 176 points; up 31 from the previous day and up 355 from the previous week (29 Nov). The BPI closed at 1, 923 points up 258 from the 29th of Nvember (1, 665); the BSI up 31 to 1, 552, the BHSI up only 3 to 789 and the wets enjoying a bit of a change at 709 the BDTI, up 10 from Thursday, and the BCTI up 5 to 598…

The P3 issue still pending with the FMC demanding more info and Faraclas explaining that the OK should have been given as we live in a free market economy and companies must learn to swim alone…, the problems with listed companies and other issues as well as the state for the world economy makes a difficult environment.

Other news was the first ever Marina to be accredited by a Class Society; it happened in Greece with Lloyd’s  Register giving its first ever accreditation in its history to the Astir Vouliagmeni Marina off Athens!

The above and other issues can be heard in the tape here below and soon with a translation into English.

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