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Ecospeed agent appointed in Denmark

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Oden3NIELSEN MARINE APS, based in Hirtshals, has been appointed as the Danish agent for the ECOSPEED and ECOSHIELD underwater hull coating manufacturer Hydrex.

As an official ECOSPEED and ECOSHIELD representative, NIELSEN MARINE APS will support Hydrex sales in mainly the Danish shipping, shipbuilding and offshore market, including servicing and maintenance, repair and warranty works.

NIELSEN MARINE’s managing director, Thomas Nielsen, said: “We are now authorised to represent Hydrex’s  ECOSPEED and ECOSHIELD for clients in Denmark, Faroer Islands and Greenland. This agreement strengthens our good reputation in the mentioned markets and it fits perfectly to our portfolio.”

NIELSEN MARINE APS has been at the forefront of marine equipment supply and services in the Danish market since 2009 and is well-known and respected in the local Danish shipping, shipbuilding and offshore market.

HYDREX’s CEO Boud van Rompay confirms the strategic value of its representatives  around the Baltic Sea. “The company successfully developed the environmentally safe underwater hull coating system ECOSPEED. Regulations in this area are getting tougher every year and emissions of ships must come down. ECOSPEED provides the solution to reduce fuel consumption and contributes to lower emissions, combined with long-term protection against damage of the coating in ice conditions.

In 2013, Hydrex launched ECOSHIELD which protects rudders against cavitation with an impenetrable protective layer. Both ECOSPEED and ECOSHIELD come with a guarantee of 10 years.

HYDREX NV, based in Antwerp, is a global provider of turnkey underwater repair and maintenance solutions.

Company details can be found on www.hydrex.be and  www.nielsenmarine.dk

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