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Ecospeed agent appointed in Poland

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Ecospeed coating on cruise ship after 2 years. With routine cleaning gives 10% fuel savings

As an official Ecospeed representative, Navitech Gdynia Sp. z.o.o. will support  sales of Ecospeed, Ecoshield® and Ecofix® in the Polish shipping and shipbuilding market, including service, maintenance, repair and warranty work.

Navitech ‘s, managing director,  Roman Pierzyński, said: “We are very pleased to now be authorized to represent Ecospeed for clients in Poland and this agreement strengthens our good reputation. We have been promoting the products for some time in the Polish area and there already is a lot of interest in them.”

Navitech Gdynia Sp. z o.o. has been at the forefront of marine equipment supply, marine consulting and technical services in the Polish market for many years and is well known and respected in the Polish shipping and shipbuilding market.

Hydrex® CEO Boud van Rompay confirms the strategic value of Hydrex’s representatives  around the Baltic Sea: “Many years ago we successfully developed the environmentally safe underwater hull coating system Ecospeed. It has proven itself as a sustainable, viable alternative to the toxic antifouling coatings in general use today. Regulations in this area are getting tougher every year and emissions from ships must be reduced. Ecospeed provides the solution to eliminating toxic chemical emission, reducing fuel consumption thus contributing to lower air emissions. Ecospeed also provides long-term protection against corrosion, has gained ice-class certification and has been validated as one of the best ice-class coatings available.”

In 2013, Hydrex launched Ecoshield which protects rudders and underwater gear against cavitation and corrosion damage with an impenetrable protective layer. The latest addition to the family is Ecofix which is used to fill badly pitted steel plating prior to the application of Ecoshield. Both Ecospeed and Ecoshield come with a guarantee of 10 years.

Ecospeed, Ecoshield and Ecofix  are produced, distributed and supported by Subsea Industries, a subsidiary of Hydrex NV, based in Antwerp, a global provider of turnkey underwater repair and maintenance solutions and technology.

Hydrex is expanding its network of agencies around the world to meet customer demand and provide superior local support.

Company details can be found on www.hydrex.be and www.navitech-gdynia.com

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